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Former Sechskies member Kang Sung Hoon caught telling his fans that present-day idols are 'ugly' & that they have 'dirty skin'


Kang Sung Hoon has been caught bad-mouthing other idols with his fans.

On May 12 KST, a video titled 'Absurd Remark 1' spread quickly online as it showed the former Sechkies member criticizing the outer appearances of present-day idols. In the video, Kang Sung Hoon is seen sitting down on a table casually and chatting up with his fans.

The conversation, as heard from the video, reads:

KSH: Ah...I wish I were a bit taller. Why isn't there a plastic surgery to make one taller? Ah...I need to extend about 8 cm... If I were just 8 cm taller... Right? If so, I'd be really confident... Ah...

fan: It's fine the way you are now~

KSHHey, but I think idols these days are ugly. 

fans: Right...

KSH: When I see them at 'shops' (celebrity salons), they are frigging ugly. Why is that? They are frigging ugly, frigging. Their skin is dirty, too. Why are they so ugly?

fan: Who?

KSH: How can I reveal who it is? There hasn't been a single good-looking idol since TVXQ. Really.

fan: Oh, then how about BTOB, whom you met last time?

KSH: What?

fan: BTOB that you saw last time?

KSH: How can I say this now, that they are the ones? 

fans: (laughs)

KSH: (They) are all definitely ugly. When I produce (my own idols), I'm going to choose them based on their looks. I mean, don't you think they should be quite handsome, given that they are celebrities? With good skin? With some aura? No? Ah...I'm not that active these days, so I lost a lot of that aura...

A majority of netizens who encountered this video expressed shock to both Kang Sung Hoon and several of his fans for agreeing to such derogatory comments. Some reactions include:

"WOW", "What? How low are you gonna go?", "LOOOOOL he really does go over the limit", "It's so funny how the title is 'Absurd Remark 1' LOOL", "..........................", "Ha.............", "That's so ugly", "Why are they saying, 'you're right'??", "(This is a comment from an annoyed Melody, even though he has never really said that BTOB were ugly.)", "Hey ugly, stop talking, I don't want to hear you talk.", "Okay ajussi~", "LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL", "Mirror, please?"

From the online community above, fans expressed shock with such comments verging on humor, as many were already judging from Kang Sung Hoon's previous problematic incidents.

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natilly1,045 pts Sunday, May 12, 2019 4
Sunday, May 12, 2019

wow, the only ugly thing here is this guy’s personality and mindset... the fact that the fan just agreed with him too says a lot more about their characters.


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Ohboy6913,507 pts Sunday, May 12, 2019 0
Sunday, May 12, 2019

oh for fuck's sake, Hoony. you had it all, but you just had to destroy it over and over again.



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