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Netizens call for firing of judge who left her young children in hot car and then lied to police about it

By jennywill   Wednesday, October 4, 2017   27,682   132   63



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Netizens are calling for a judge to be fired after a vacation fiasco.

Yoon Sang Woo and Sul Jung Eun were vacationing in Guam, and had left their young children (aged 1 and 6) while they went shopping at K-mart. The children were noticed by two women, who noticed the children at 2:30 PM. The women tried to wake the children up by tapping on the window, and when that didn't work, called 911.

Officers arrived at 3PM, and then, when knocking on the window and shaking the car did not wake the children up, the fire department was called to break the car open. Officers reported that they "saw that the victims had sweat streaming down their foreheads and the sides of their faces", and the officer who had opened the door reported that he "felt hot air escape from inside the car." It had taken 45 minutes since the time of report to get the children out of the car.

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The parents told the police, when they got back to the car and saw the situation, that they had only been in the store for three minutes - a blatant lie. Even more ridiculously, when police told the father of the children they could've been hurt, he laughed it off and told the police that he is a lawyer and that his wife is a judge in Korea.

The parents were arrested and charged with two counts of misdemeanors (of child abuse) and petty misdemeanors (of leaving their children in a hot, locked car).

After news hit Korea, many were appalled to see that almost all negative posts were being pulled down and deleted. Both husband and wife are from Seoul National University, and the husband works at Kim & Jang, one of the top law firms in Korea notorious for pulling strings and representing the rich in court. Netizens are calling for the wife to be fired, as a judge is a public worker, but she was seen blatantly lying to authorities in the video.

(Negative post deleted from Pann)

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