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How did a pair of guy friends react when a close female friend showed up bare face with no makeup for the first time?

By yckim124   Monday, October 2, 2017   87,550   356   157



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A young woman, Kim Won Yi, went makeup-free in front of her close friends for the first time.

On a recent episode of OnStyle's 'Body Actually', Kim Won Yi, who revealed she wears makeup everywhere she goes (even to the convenience store in front of her house), decided to show her true self with zero makeup to her friends. 

In the interview prior to the bare face revelation, Kim Won Yi stated, "I don't have a pretty face so I don't have confidence." However, she attempted to overcome her insecurities and removed all makeup before meeting up with her friends at a cafe. 

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Two of Kim Won Yi's close guy friends and one female friend were waiting to meet her without knowing that she'll show up bare face. Upon Kim Won Yi's arrival, the three friends couldn't hide their surprised expressions. The guy friends asked, "Did something happen?", and "Did you get beat up?" The friend then jokingly commented, "I think you have to wear a hospital uniform."

When Kim Won Yi turned her face to the female friend, the female friend screamed while one of the guy friends commented, "I can't look at her."

The friends teased, "You look like you lack vitamin D. What is wrong with you?"

In the interview following the revelation, one guy friend commented, "I think she looked more natural with no makeup than with heavy makeup." Next, the female friend stated, "She usually wears thick makeup but she wasn't wearing any today so all kinds of thoughts ran through my mind." Lastly, the other guy friend said, "I think she was too makeup free today. She needs to cover her dark circles. At least tone up her skin."

At the end, Kim Won Yi shared she'll probably never go makeup free again and she's desperately wanting to put some on at the moment. 

Watch the full reactions of Kim Won Yi and her friends in the clip. 

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