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K-netizens react to Bang Si Hyuk's cozy texts with LE SSERARFIM among claims of ignoring New Jeans

Amid allegations that HYBE Chairman Bang Si-hyuk treated NEWJEANS badly, such as not accepting greetings from the members, a video of Chairman Bang Si-hyuk and LE SSERAFIM members having an intimate conversation was released online, which is a hot topic.

First, Sakura delivered a message to the room chairman, saying, "Are you following the 'EASY' activity this time?" Along with a selfie of her ballheart, HUH YUNJIN said, "It's sudden, but you've really worked this album." Hong Eun Chae said, "Have you seen the 'Izzy' stage? The weather has been cold lately, so be careful of the cold."

Later, during the conversation, Hong Eun Chae cheered, "Si Hyuk texted me," which caught my attention. It took Hong Eun-chae 40 minutes to get a reply from the chairman of the room. Sakura, who was one minute shorter than Hong Eun-chae, said that she also received three texts.

Read more about it in this article here.

Netizen Reactions: 
Source: X Sports News via Nate

[+82, -2] Meanwhile, Bang Shi Hyuk even sent gifts to a YouTuber who filmed content with Sakura

[+47, -4] Hybe-ya, you said you'd protect New Jeans... but if this is how you treat them on the regular...

[+6, -0] Wasn't he like this with Girlfriend too?

[+4, -0] if Hybe gets what they want and Min Hee Jin is kicked, then New Jeans will be put on that "hiatus" like they wanted and left on the backburner while they push ILLIT. They sound like a cult. They'll only favor you if you follow their ways.

[+1, -0] He still has no picture with New Jeans.. ㅋㅋ

[+5, -1] Selective Facial Recognition Disorder

[+1, -0]  Pick only 1 Minji and treat the rest of the kids like scumbags, the other 4 were selected by Min Hee-jin after an audition.

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"[+1, -0] He still has no picture with New Jeans.. ㅋㅋ"

Has he really not taken a single one? I swear I always see him taking photos with different groups/members.. that's how I got to recognize his face too.

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4 days ago

"[+5, -1] Selective Facial Recognition Disorder"

Well said.

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