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K-Netizens Debate Over LE SSERAFIM’s Upcoming Coachella Performance


LE SSERAFIM's second Coachella performance will be held at 10:50 pm PDT on April 20.

Among the songs the group performed last week were 'ANTIFRAGILE', 'FEARLESS', 'Perfect Night', and unreleased new song '1-800-hot-n-fun'. Last week’s performance also renewed the controversy over the group’s live singing skills. Many netizens compared the performance to BLACKPINK’s previous Coachella performances, which were much more well-received.

In advance of today’s performance, there is some debate over whether LE SSERAFIM will present an improved performance.

“They really need a vocal coach…”

“There are many idols who have worse skills. Now LE SSERAFIM are doing well and continuing to improve. Let’s not criticize them…”

“These days, singers are only good at dancing and having pretty faces”

“It's more interesting that this is even considered controversial. Is there anyone who did a better job?”

In contrast, LE SSERAFIM member Sakura reflected on their first Coachella performance. "I learned a lot from preparing for Coachella to the day of the performance," Sakura wrote on Weverse on April 15th. "I learned what it's like to be on the stage. Is it a perfect performance? Are you entertaining the audience? Or are you not allowed to make a single mistake while performing on the stage? Everyone has different standards. It depends on what kind of performance it is," she wrote. "Since we've only been performing as a group for two years so far, we've opened our hearts and enjoyed Coachella. We may be inexperienced in some people’s eyes. However, it’s a fact that no one is perfect and it was the best performance we've ever shown." She concluded, "It is an unwavering fact."

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red112,362 pts 28 days ago 1
28 days ago

AKP getting more articles outta this than the Han Sohee shit

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Chibibeast912,972 pts 28 days ago 10
28 days ago

It's so sad that all the attention is on the hate while actually there were some wonderful kpop performances. The Rose were applauded to be really professionnals and singing beautifully even if they dealed with technicals problems and ATEEZ just finish their second performance and were highly praised for basically everything. Even my country, who don't really talk about kpop often, release their performance in the newspaper.

Thanks to these types of performances we can have new people who could be amazed by kpop and maybe, one day, they will join one of the multiple fandom. Sadly, people prefer to focus on the bad things who happened than give the recognition to the ones who deserve it

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