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Former T-ara member Ahreum makes another claim that she was hacked


Former T-ara member Ahreum had been one of the main figures embroiled in a scamming incident that had been garnering much attention from online communities recently.

Initially, fans expressed concerns when Ahreum announced her plans to remarry after her divorce and introduced her new boyfriend. Many voiced their worries directly to Ahreum, alleging that her boyfriend might be involved in fraudulent activities. However, Ahreum defended him, denying all allegations and claimed that her current boyfriend is a scriptwriter.

Ahreum and her new partner continued to remain in the spotlight after a series of reports regarding her divorce and alleged domestic violence from her ex-husband. Then recently, there have been allegations that Ahreum was also fraudulently borrowing money from individuals around her, including her fans.

With the controversy heightening, Dispatch delved deeper into the matter and found suspicions that Ahreum was indeed fraudulently borrowing money from fans under the pretense that she needed money for the divorce, hospital fees, and child support fees.

Although Ahreum asserted that someone was using her name to extort money from people close to her, Dispatch discovered suspicious messages sent to Ahreum's fans. When a fan requested verification and asked Ahreum to take a photo holding up three fingers, she complied by taking the photo in a hospital room with her fingers raised.

When Dispatch also attempted to get in touch with Ahreum following their investigation, Ahreum blocked all calls, claiming she had never borrowed money from fans.

Then, on April 2, Ahreum posted a new Instagram story, once again claiming that she had been hacked and someone was using her name to extort money.

She wrote, 

"I just saw the messages about Toto, whatever that is,
which caused confusion even to our mother.
It's a prank by a hacker.
I have never shared that kind of message with Oppa (her boyfriend)
I don't even know what 'Toto' means.
If, by any chance, an investigation is conducted due to this hacker,
and they check my phone records thoroughly,
they will find out.
But the level of conversation from the hacker is so low-grade
that there's nothing to say.
I don't speak using such low-level language mixed with insults,
nor do I disrespect my boyfriend like that.
We deeply respect and care for each other.
I'm also handling the incident with my boyfriend and the malicious comments and issues about me,
so today, I enjoyed some fresh air and took a walk.
I am now returning to my usual self.
To my fans, please don't be confused
and don't worry about me ^^

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idgafily11,397 pts 21 days ago 1
21 days ago

How did you get to this, Ahreum? I believe her new boyfriend is a bad influence on her. She needs to get away from him asap, before it gets any worse.

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srideout915,297 pts 21 days ago 1
21 days ago

She is just digging a deeper hole for herself. I said it once and I’ll say it again. She and her husband need to own up to what they did and deal with the consequences. And after everything is said and done they need to quietly disappear from the Korean entertainment industry and live a very very quiet life. There is no way they can come back from this. And if they think they can come back from this, then they are delusional.

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