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Popular interracial YouTube couple Jay & Alenko reveal that they divorced due to Jay's extramarital affair with their video editor


Recently, fans were shocked when their favorite interracial YouTube couple announced that they would be going through a divorce.

Jay & Alenko received much love and support through their YouTube channel, where they shared their life as a Czech-Korean couple living in The Czech Republic and South Korea. While the two announced that they decided to part ways due to personal differences, Alenko revealed the real reason for their divorce recently.

Alenko revealed that she decided to divorce Jay due to his extramarital affair with their YouTube video editor.

According to Alenko, in her latest YouTube video, she explained that Jay cheated on her with a Korean video editor who edited their videos for YouTube.

Alenko revealed that the editor reached out to the couple, claiming that she was their fan and wanted to help them edit the videos uploaded to the couple's YouTube channel. Alenko explained, "When A (the Korean editor) began working with us, Jay wouldn't ever put his phone down. He would always be chatting on the Kakaotalk messenger or would be on a phone call." Alenko claimed that she felt suspicious and confronted Jay but he responded with, "My fortune tells me that women will help me. So, the women around me are all people who help me, so you shouldn't be jealous or say anything."

Alenko then shared, "However, in the KakaoTalk conversation I accidentally saw, there remained a conversation that was too intimate to be considered just a normal conversation with an editor."

Alenko explained, "Before I knew it, (the editor) began calling 'Jay' as 'Oppa' and when Jay sent landscape photos from our trip to Croatia, the editor would respond with 'I want to go there with you, Oppa (heart emoji)."

She also revealed that Jay had even kept in contact with the editor's family through Kakaotalk but continued to badmouth Alenko's family. She shared, "He pretended to be a devoted and kind husband saying he's like a beaver that takes care of the home even though he was cheating on me."

Alenko also exposed Jay's other actions and shared, "When Jay was in Korea, the only times he contacted me were the two times when he told me to do a broadcast or send him money. He only called me 'honey' when he needed money."

She added, "The presents that we were supposed to give to our subscribers were instead given to the female editor. The editor thought I would be unable to see her Kakaotalk profile and posted the gift photos as her profile background." Alenko explained that Jay and the female editor continued to show that they were a couple on Kakaotalk. The editor posted an emoticon of a dog and dolphin with a heart on her Kakaotalk profile while Jay had a photo of a dog and dolphin on his.

Alenko concluded the video by revealing the reason she was exposing Jay after the divorce and explained that she had suffered from numerous malicious comments. She explained, "I trusted and loved Jay for ten years. I wanted to protect (our relationship) to the end. However, Jay did not protect me or my family amidst all the misunderstanding."

In response, Jay also posted on his YouTube community:

"Firstly, I would like to begin by expressing my sincerest apologies.

Once again, I sincerely apologize.

We've already talked extensively about the 10 years of life Alenko and I shared on the live broadcast and have adequately expressed our grievances and hardships.

No matter what I say now, it might sound like an excuse, and I deeply reflect on my wrongdoings.

There's much I could say about the video 'My Reality' uploaded by Alenko, but I choose to remain silent. If one of us deserves criticism, I believe it should be me, as cheating is an unforgivable act.

As I've mentioned before, I hold no ill feelings towards Alenko and her parents. We've communicated well and legally agreed upon a divorce. As I've mentioned in the community, I wanted to maintain a good relationship with Alenko and had a strong desire to protect each other, knowing that the 'Our Dream' broadcast was the entirety of our story and that we had poured out everything. 

However, due to my verbal mistake, Alenko and her parents have been subjected to malicious comments and criticism. I feel that I've inadequately handled the situation from the start regarding my verbal mistake. I never wished for this situation. And I have never threatened Alenko.

First and foremost, I sincerely apologize to Alenko, her parents, and her editor, Jena, for the hurt caused by the malicious comments and criticism resulting from my unwise verbal mistake.

Now, I would like to explain the reason for our divorce.

In June 23 years ago, while in Korea, I couldn't sleep due to anxiety and fear. A, who later became the editor, understood and empathized with me during our conversations.

Above all, my greatest wish was to lead an ordinary family life, loving someone and having a child to live happily. Everything I did for the past 10 years for Alenko's parents, Alenko, and the equestrian club children was genuine. I am truly grateful to our viewers who loved us without expecting anything in return, and I deeply apologize once again to those who believed in us and supported us.

I will accept all criticism and blame directed at me and reflect deeply on my actions."

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