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Former boy group idol exposes TVXQ Yunho's alleged behavior beyond his public image


A former idol from a boy group has brought to light TVXQ Yunho's alleged behavior off-camera.

On various online platforms and media outlets, fans reacted to a recent livestream by former TEEN TOP member C.A.P. During the broadcast, C.A.P shared his experiences with Yunho, renowned for his image as a passionate and righteous individual.

Expressing his belief that excessive passion can have negative consequences, C.A.P cited Yunho as an example of how overzealousness can harm or expect too much from others and lead to hypocrisy.

C.A.P recounted instances where Yunho allegedly mocked him for not taking rehearsals seriously, despite the option for idols to adopt a more casual approach during dry rehearsals. He said, "Weren't my group members and Yunho from completely different groups? I used to be casual during rehearsals. Then what does Yunho say to me? 'Wow, you're doing well these days~ being casual during rehearsals~.' He mocked me like that."

He also claimed to have been scolded by Yunho for failing to greet him properly, even in situations where C.A.P's vision was impaired. 

C.A.P said, "There were times when I couldn't say hello while changing clothes next to the stage when it was very dark, because I have poor vision. So, I didn't even know he was there or not. But [Yunho] cursed at me right away using extreme profanity."

Describing the rigorous nature of stage rehearsals, C.A.P suggested that Yunho's insistence on full commitment from all the idols might not be feasible for everyone. He also mentioned instances where Yunho reportedly scolded numerous singers during rehearsals. 

He said, "Nowadays, there are cases where music shows are done abroad. At the end, everyone gathers on stage to sing a song, and even that is rehearsed. In fact, you just have to sing in that moment on stage. Now, over 100 singers are up on stage, and everyone sings casually. In that moment, [Yunho] must have been angry. On the stage where all the singers are, he scolded everyone with a microphone." 

"I didn't like that person. Why didn't I like him? Honestly, I don't even say hello well. Saying 'Hello, senior^^' like this also requires a lot of effort for someone [as an INFP]. You might not understand, but because of such greetings, I've been scolded by him a lot. It's good to be scolded. It's good to try to appear as a righteous young man and a righteous person and try to teach those people. But if you're going to do that, you should be a righteous person too, right?"

On this note, C.A.P criticized Yunho for allegedly smoking in prohibited areas, particularly in broadcasting station restrooms, causing discomfort to others.

"Every time, [Yunho] is smoking uncomfortably in the broadcasting station's restroom where everyone goes. It's uncomfortable for the juniors to go to the restroom. He's always smoking there. It's a non-smoking area, but that MF****** is always smoking in there. Oops, I just called my senior a MF******. Please forget that part."

Netizens reacted with a mix of shock and skepticism, with some supporting C.A.P's claims and others questioning his motives and credibility.

Reactions include:

"I don't think C.A.P would just make these things up out of the blue"
"Wow...a real kkondae..."
"Smoking in prohibited areas?! WTH"
"It's understandable that people can get irritated when juniors don't greet them well but in Yunho's case it seems like everyone has to give more than what they have the energy to give, every time, just for his sake"

"I'm just gonna wait until we hear Yunho's side as well but omg"
"Yunho's image definitely has changed for me since his appearing on the news during the covid era but I didn't know it was this bad"
"I don't trust this guy 100%"

"Well, C.A.P shouldn't have given his MBTI (INFP) as an excuse to say he doesn't 'greet others well.' C.A.P has his own personality issues, too, it seems"

"Oh my god, smoking in public restrooms is the WORST"

"Smoking in public restrooms where he shares the space with other idols?!"
"Why does everyone had to give it their all during dry rehearsals?"
"Who is Yunho to even say everyone needs to do what he says?"

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Violetta12321,067 pts 27 days ago 8
27 days ago

Yunho is well known as a perfectionist, so I believe this to a certain extent, but C.A.P. wasn't exactly the world's most professional idol, so the truth is probably somewhere in between. C.A.P. should never really have been an idol in the first place. He wasn't suited for it.

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johnny Allkill VIP 27 days ago 2
27 days ago

Seniority is real in Korea, but some take it to the next level. In terms of Yunho I believe it, but CAP is probably exagerating a bit

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