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Singer Meenoi addresses controversies and apologizes for recent behavior


Singer Meenoi has opened up about her feelings after a controversial live broadcast.

On the 4th, Meenoi stated, "I apologize for causing concern to everyone. I was told not to respond, but I can't hold it back anymore. I want to be brave."

She continued, "The part where I cried and talked about the standards of life I mentioned has nothing to do with committing a sin..." She explained, "Those who watched the live broadcast until the end would know, I had a lot of concerns and issues...I just wanted to share my story."

Meenoi also clarified, "Contrary to what the articles say, I did not fail to attend an advertisement two hours before...I looked it up again and found no such articles, but there were articles about an ad being cancelled...I wonder why it turned out like this...and how far the misunderstanding has gone, so I want to talk about it."

She added, "I wasn't shared the contract content for this advertisement and wasn't informed when the contract was written...I asked to see the contract later but wasn't shown immediately, so I went to check it myself." She recounted, "A fake stamp with my name, which looked different from my stamp, was on it, and comparing it to the ad contract of 2022, I felt there was a lot more content, so I requested a modification to the contract conditions, but it wasn't adjusted, so I clearly stated I couldn't shoot...and left. I understood that it was settled that I would not shoot the ad."

Furthermore, Meenoi shared, "The ad team was told two hours before that I couldn't shoot because I had COVID and then on another day, it was conveyed as a no-show due to a change of heart, not health issues," he heard from a team member. 

"After my live broadcast, an article from Company P was released. The CEO also contacted me to respond quickly. An article about me not attending the ad two hours before was published, and the CEO said that reporters often write things on their own and that it would be better to wait and not speak out as the issue could grow bigger," he appealed.

Additionally, "When I saw the contract, I didn't know about its contents until then, but the stamp was already on it, and it wasn't mine!!! I requested modifications but it wasn't adjusted, and I conveyed my decision not to shoot the ad, and again, I was told it was okay not to shoot," emphasizing, "There is currently a difference in positions between the company and me, and both sides are under review by lawyers."

MINOI also mentioned, "I never talked about Jeonju Ultimate Festival. I sincerely apologize to the many audience members, artists, and event staff who were affected by my tardiness on the day of the Jeonju performance. I asked the company if I should post an apology after the performance ended on the day, but I couldn't muster the courage to hide behind the suggestion that it would be better to not respond as the situation could worsen. I deeply regret indoor smoking," she apologized,

"Not responding is not always the best response; I've learned that it's important to convey sincerity and show an apology for mistakes. I will remember this incident for a long time and strive to grow as an artist, showing better aspects of Meenoi."

Previously, Meenoi was criticized for a rambling, tearful live broadcast, followed by controversies over ad cancellation, lateness at the Jeonju Festival, and indoor smoking, but has since taken steps to address the issues.

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Sunday, March 3, 2024

So.. shes saying someone basically forged her signature on a business contract with the company shooting the ad?

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MyongSukGim1,141 pts Monday, March 4, 2024 0
Monday, March 4, 2024

Wow, looks like someone forged her Chop, and then complained when she didn't comply!

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