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Lyn and Lee Soo to mark 10th wedding anniversary with release of duet album


Celebrated singer couple Lyn and Lee Soo are set to commemorate their 10th wedding anniversary by releasing a duet album, promising fans a special blend of their harmonious talents. Lyn's announcement came during her appearance on MBC's 'Radio Star,' scheduled for March 6, alongside Yoon Do Hyun, Chungha, and Park Woo in a special episode titled 'It Might Actually Happen ~ A Miracle.'

Lyn, who recently clinched the fourth spot on MBN's 'King of Current Singing,' transitioning from the 'Ballad Queen' to 'Trot Empress,' expressed her joy in meeting comedian Jang Do Yeon, who often hears she resembles Lyn. The episode promises laughter as the twin comedians Lee Sang Ho and Lee Sang Min are also mentioned.

The singer shared her reason for joining 'King of Current Singing,' highlighting the charm of trot music, though surprised to be the only ballad singer among the contestants. Kim Gura, curious about Lyn's limited speaking during the show, hinted at understanding why Lyn's talks were 'missing.'

Post 'King of Current Singing,' Lyn experienced a new world, her fan base broadening to include people up to their 90s. She humorously noted receiving extra side dishes at restaurants as a novel experience, brought to life by her direct encounters. Lyn delighted viewers by gracefully singing Im Ji Ah's '300 Ri Hanryeosudo,' showcasing her vocal talent.

Reacting to being called the 'female Lim Young Woong,' Lyn modestly sidestepped the nickname, sharing a story about attending a lecture with Gummy, where they encountered Lim Young Woong as a student, unaware of his identity then. Now immersed in trot music, Lyn expressed a desire to duet with Lim Young Woong.

Chungha, excited to meet Lyn, inquired about the secret behind Lyn's 'cotton candy' voice despite her love for alcohol, leading Lyn to reveal that her vocal prowess might owe something to 'morning alcohol.' She jokingly lamented the scarcity of drinking buddies nowadays but promised to share her secrets with Chungha, sparking curiosity.

Lyn, alongside Baek Ji Young and Gummy, known as the 'OST Queen Trio,' will discuss how she selects OSTs and share the story of how she became close friends with Gummy since high school. She will also reveal recent gatherings with close friends Gummy, Jo Jung Suk, and Park Hyo Shin, singing at Gummy's house instead of a karaoke bar, adding to the intrigue.

Lyn's announcement of releasing a duet album with her husband, Lee Soo, on their 10th wedding anniversary adds a touching and celebratory note to their enduring partnership and shared musical journey.

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