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Viewers say 'Marry My Husband' was off to a strong start but continues to disappoint towards the end


The popular K-drama 'Marry My Husband' is nearing the end with just three more episodes left.

Based on the popular webtoon of the same title, 'Marry My Husband' was off to a strong start at the beginning of the series with a fresh storyline and compelling characters.

'Marry My Husband' follows the story of Kang Ji Won (portrayed by Park Min Young) who was murdered by her husband, Park Min Hwan (played by Lee Yi Kyung) who was having an extramarital affair with her best friend Jung Soo Min (played by Song Ha Yoon). However, when Kang Ji Won wakes up, she finds herself 10 years in the past and gets a second chance at life. This time, she plans to carry out revenge and change her fate around by compelling her husband to marry her best friend. With the aid of Yoo Ji Hyuk (played by Na In Woo), Kang Ji Won was able to smoothly carry out her revenge.

In the first half of the drama, the main villains were Park Min Hwan and Jung Soo Min. However, a new villain is introduced to the storyline - Yoo Ji Hyuk's ex-fiancé Oh Yu Ra (played by BoA). In the latest episodes, Oh Yu Ra appears as the ultimate villain colluding with Park Min Hwan to kill Kang Ji Won.

While the drama has broken its viewer rating record in the beginning, viewers are beginning to say that the latter half of the drama is not as good as the start.

Korean viewers are saying that the drama should have followed the storyline of the webtoon rather than following the original light novel that the webtoon is based on.

Korean netizens commented, "They should have just followed the webtoon but they are making the latter half of the story strange. There're only three more episodes left until the end," "So the character Oh Yu Ra was in the original light novel but then was taken out in the webtoon, which was completely fine, but then the drama brought her back into the story and added all these character buffs so the story is not as fun and it's now more cliché. I think it was better if they followed the webtoon, which had a more refreshing storyline," "I think the drama is still fun," "I stopped watching since last week," "Even though it's a Makjang drama, the storyline is just too much... hiring a murder...?" "I don't get the character Oh Yu Ra either," "The webtoon was so much better," and "Read the webtoon instead. It has a much cleaner storyline."

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  4. Park Min Young
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JKanina746 pts 17 days ago 1
17 days ago

Wait... it's only ep 13..... can't be disappointed yet..... it's just leaking at the moment.... they will dump the whole truckload of manure in ep 16...... should get used to it...... KDrama for years have been like that and even worse when it's from webnovels/toons

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dmaynel1235,538 pts 17 days ago 0
17 days ago

I wouldn't say it's not as good - it got a little darker and more serious, probably in order to tie up loose ends regarding how the "rewind" works, and in the process it did lose a lot of the refreshing, mischievous fun that made this drama strong. Not what we signed up for in the beginning, but doesn't mean it's bad TV per se. And indeed the mis-casting of BoA worked like a bucketful of cold water, didn't expect her character to figure so prominently - a better actress could've made Oh Yu Ra a delicious villain but alas no.

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