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The comment section on Hwang Jung Eum's Instagram garners attention following her divorce filing


On February 22, it was reported that actress Hwang Jung Eum filed for divorce from her husband once again.

According to Hwang Jung Eum's agency, Y1 Entertainment, the actress is undergoing divorce proceedings against her husband, Lee Young Don. The agency stated, "Hwang Jung Eum decided it's no longer possible to maintain her marriage and is in the process of filing for divorce."

Following the latest news of Hwang Jung Eum's divorce filing, the comment section of her Instagram account has been at the center of attention.

On February 22, Hwang Jung Eum posted five different photos of her husband with different captions, such as "My very considerate husband is so beautiful. This is my husband, Lee Young Don, who was always busy and enjoying himself after getting married to me ^ ^ You were always so busy; now you can enjoy yourself all you want comfortably," "My husband born in '82, is so excited after receiving chocolate," and more.

In the comment section of her posts, fans are speculating that Hwang Jung Eum's husband had an extramarital affair and was caught by the actress.

One netizen responded to Hwang Jung Eum's post, "It seems Young Don Oppa has been busy lately 🤣" and the actress responded with, "He was very busy since he got married." 

Other netizens commented, "It feels like she posted this because the mistress might say nonsense like she didn't know he was married... " "I guess he had an extramarital affair... Hul... It looks like Hwang Jung Eum took the photo of her husband's photo on another person's phone..." "I think her husband got caught cheating, lol. Are these photos from the mistress's phone? She's randomly posting his photos and revealing his age too. Looks like she's doxing him."  "Feels like she's exposing that he had an extramarital affair," and "Those photos aren't even captured from a phone. Looks like she took photos of another person's phone (either a third person or her husband's) to leave it as evidence. Also looking at what she wrote, 'You were so~ busy, right? I'll give you a break' Sounds like she's not going to hold back anymore."

when my oppa (husband) was sick with Type A influenza virus

Another netizen speculated, "1. He got caught cheating, she forgave him. 2. He got caught again this time. 3. She discovered photos of countless women he met with on Young Don's phone + photos that other women took of Young Don 4. She found out about the illegitimate child 5. She matched the dates of when he didn't come home, lying to Hwang Jung Eum and realized it was the day he didn't come home saying he had Type A influenza and said he needed to quarantine. But he was on a trip with his second family. To prove this, Hwang Jung Eum's acquaintance commented sarcastically 'lol' 6. Currently, Young Don is out of contact, 7. Hwang Jung Eum got really pissed and publically posted photos of him."

Korean netizens commented, "Good thing she posted this," "I think the baby that he's holding isn't even her baby... what's going on?" "Here's another comment, '1. People don't really know Young Don's face (possibly posted to show his face) 2. Hwang Jung Eum, who used to post a photo every week, suddenly posts 5 consecutive photos of her husband's face (she usually doesn't post photos of her husband)  3. May have taken a photo indirectly (could have found some evidence while looking at the phone) 4. Not hacked (official from the agency) 5. said he 

always busy and enjoying himself' but now he can 'comfortably enjoy himself,' I think she's trying to expose him after she caught him doing wrong," "Another comment said they can't get in contact with Young Don and Hwang Jung Eum commented that he got caught with too many things so it would be chaotic for him now," "Hwang Jung Eum is awesome. Hope she can live a good life after throwing him away," and "Hwang Jung Eum is pretty and is talented. I hope she can live happily with her two kids."

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Poppfresh920 pts Thursday, February 22, 2024 6
Thursday, February 22, 2024

Once a cheater always a cheater. You can’t change their bad habits. I really don’t know why people get married if you’re gonna cheat. Just stay fucking single if you can’t control your private parts.

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Make-My-Day1,669 pts Thursday, February 22, 2024 0
Thursday, February 22, 2024

She should have left him the first time. Love the shade she throws 💀 could be worse.

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