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The different ways top stars are handling drug accusations: Lee Sun Gyun stays silent while G-Dragon denies all charges

On October 28th, Lee Sun Gyun visited the Incheon Metropolitan Police Station for an investigation by the Drug Crime Investigation Team. After an hour and ten minutes of questioning, he returned home.

Lee Sun Gyun tested negative in the preliminary drug test conducted that day. Due to the limited accuracy of such tests, the police intend to send samples of his hair and urine to the National Forensic Service for a comprehensive analysis.

Despite his earlier commitment to fully cooperate with the investigation when he arrived at the police station, Lee Sun Gyun reportedly declined to comment on the drug-related charges.

Facing the reporters before heading home, Lee Sun-Gyun stated, “I've handed over my cell phone and complied with all the requisite procedures for the upcoming official investigation. I've been informed of a subsequent inquiry, and I promise to respond truthfully when that happens. I apologize for any concerns caused.”

Meanwhile, G-Dragon, the superstar idol, has firmly denied all drug-related allegations, maintaining his innocence. He stated, “I have not taken any drugs and am not involved with the recent media coverage related to violations of the Narcotics Control Act. I understand that this has raised concerns for many, and I am committed to fully cooperating with the investigation and providing truthful responses.” The public is now awaiting the outcome of the investigation to determine whether G-Dragon's claims of innocence hold true or if they were merely defensive statements.

It's intriguing to observe the varied responses from top celebrities when faced with drug allegations. Lee Sun Gyun has chosen a path of silence, refraining from making public comments, while G-Dragon has taken a proactive approach, vehemently denying all charges. The contrast in their reactions sheds light on the diverse strategies celebrities employ when navigating sensitive controversies.

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Sunday, October 29, 2023

This could be their legal teams' different strategies plus GD is independent and his fandom expected an official statement from his side.

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friedchicken441350 pts Sunday, October 29, 2023 0
Sunday, October 29, 2023

Lee Sun Gyun... I'm rooting for you but you're making me nervous by refusing to make a statement!! 😭

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