Posted by Sophie-Ha Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Hater begs for mercy and leniency after spreading false rumors about BTS' V


On October 1, an online community post emerged with the headline "Apology to BTS V, Please Forgive Me," where a malicious commenter expressed public remorse and requested leniency. 

Identified only as 'A,' the author confessed to a series of derogatory comments and false rumors about BTSV.

The malicious commenter began with a candid revelation, stating, "Since 2022, I've been posting derogatory remarks about V on various online platforms, including Nate Pann, Women's Era, Soul Dresser, BTS galleries, male idol galleries, Twitter, and YouTube." 'A' went on to admit that despite residing in Busan and going by the name of Kim X Young, the online anonymity emboldened them.

The malicious commenter revealed in hindsight that, "When I viciously derided V in online discussions, I didn’t stop to fact check the legitimacy of the Cyber Wrecker videos or consider whether they were authenticated baseless claims. Beginning with my personal dislikes, I joined the mob, leaving malicious comments and spreading rumors. I felt a growing resentment towards V, fully accepting him as the character depicted in those rumors. Never once did I bother to seek the truth.”

The hater then confessed their current predicament, as HYBE stated there would be no leniency. The hater explained, "I am preparing for a civil service exam. I came to the realization that any leniency forgone, leading to a criminal record, would put me in dire straits and hamper my future prospects. However, it seems HYBE has been unwavering in its stance against leniency, leaving me in a state of despair.”

Racked with guilt and deep remorse, the malicious commenter attempted to rectify the wrongdoings through their heartfelt confession. The malicious commenter said, "My ignorance of the impact of my reckless comments and assumptions has caused V unimaginable hurt. My regret is profound, and I’ll keep expressing my apologies, mirroring the numbers of my past disparaging comments."

To rectify their actions, the malicious commenter promised, "I shall refrain from posting any damaging comments or circulating rumors ever again." In their concluding plea, they requested mercy, saying, "I urge you all to find it in your hearts to forgive me this one time. I am about to start my societal journey, and your forgiveness would be instrumental in helping me reshape my life."

In related news, Big Hit Music issued a stern announcement last month, on September 27, regarding its unequivocal intention to pursue legal recourse against Sasaeng fans and cyberbullies. The company expressed its firm commitment to protect its artists' mental and physical well-being. Whether A's remorseful confession will influence their decision remains to be seen.

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Betula8,552 pts Tuesday, October 3, 2023 0
Tuesday, October 3, 2023

"Racked with guilt and deep remorse" ?? That's a funny way to say "scared out of my skin by the thought of financial and career ruin."

83 (+86 / -3)
Roslolian2,206 pts Tuesday, October 3, 2023 5
Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Good. So maybe these netizens can know what it feels like to be canceled and kicked out of their entire industry.

56 (+63 / -7)

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