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Miracles of small and medium-sized K-pop agencies: ATTRAKT's co-representatives talk about FIFTY FIFTY's journey


FIFTY FIFTY, the girl group who managed to make their miraculous breakthrough, is currently being hailed as a role model for small and medium-sized K-pop agencies. This recognition stems from the exceptional achievements made in an industry dominated by the so-called K-pop Big Four: HYBE, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and YG Entertainment. 

Despite the challenges of securing talented individuals in the industry, FIFTY FIFTY has managed to make remarkable strides.

The group's success shows no signs of slowing down, with endless possibilities ahead. Day by day, Fifty Fifty continues to surpass leading K-pop artists, securing positions on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and the UK Official Singles Chart.

FIFTY FIFTY's title track, "Cupid," from their single album "The Beginning: Cupid," released on February 24, climbed to the 8th position on the UK's Official Singles chart released on the 12th, and reached the 19th spot on the Billboard Hot 100 on the 13th. This remarkable achievement marks the highest record for a song by a K-pop girl group.

The success of FIFTY FIFTY, which had initially received little attention before its debut, can be attributed to the unwavering dedication of the agency's representatives, who went to great lengths to support the group, including selling cars and luxury watches.

Jeon Hong Joon and Choi Seung Ho, co-representatives of FIFTY FIFTY's agency, ATTRAKT, recently shared a behind-the-scenes story in an interview with Sports Seoul. "We needed funds to release Fifty Fifty's physical album, but faced financial constraints," they revealed.

CEO Jeon explained, "When the physical album is released, we have to pay stamp fees in advance to the Korea Music Copyright Association. Unfortunately, we lacked the necessary funds. Without hesitation, I sold my 10-year-old Rolex watch to a secondhand luxury shop."

While the stamp fees were covered, the printing costs for the album jacket presented another obstacle. This time, CEO Jeon had to sell his car. Moreover, due to persistent financial constraints, they had to sell a car owned by the head of the management department, who had worked alongside them for a long time.

Expressing gratitude, CEO Jeon said, "Fortunately, the manager didn't hesitate for a second and offered up his car. Thanks to that, we were able to release the physical album, albeit slightly later than the expected release date." He jokingly added, "I asked the manager who sacrificed his car to choose a new one he desired recently."

Despite being referred to as the "old boys" in Yeouido, both Jeon Hong Joon and Choi Seung Ho have been asked about the secret behind Fifty Fifty's success wherever they go.

Admittedly, as 60-year-olds, neither of the representatives can be considered K-pop idols themselves. CEO Jeon managed one of the most successful Korean singer and actor in the 1990s Jo Kwan Woo and influential rapper and musician Yoon Mirae in the past, while also discovering Bobby Kim, who also rose to be one of the most popular rappers of his generation. 

Representative Jeon said, "I recommend those who ask about the secret to success to listen to the 'Billboard Hot 100' three times a day. So far, I've been doing that without missing a day, keeping up with the latest pop trends. Nowadays, pop songs that are easy to listen and are less than three minutes is a trend. Songs like 'Cupid' also ends with a sharp impact, like a knife that cuts through," he hinted.

It was also revealed that they had focused on character education and English language proficiency. CEO Jeon explained, "K-pop places great emphasis on pronunciation and basic English education because delivery power is crucial."

CEO Choi added, "All the members are like our own daughters. During their trainee days, CEO Jeon provided them with daily lessons on character development and reading. Thanks to that, I believe they were able to showcase themselves confidently and eloquently at our recent showcase."

FIFTY FIFTY's remarkable achievements and the sacrifices made by their agency's representatives have turned the spotlight onto small and medium-sized K-pop agencies, inspiring hope and setting an example for others in the industry. With their ongoing success and dedicated fanbase, FIFTY FIFTY continues to prove that talent and hard work can break barriers and lead to great accomplishments.

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The song by the Turkish Evrencan, has the melody of the 2-minute instrumental song by Jim James entitled "Exploding", which in turn includes sounds and melodies typical of Rock bands like Radiohead, that is, all these songs, including the Fifty Fifty's song, if it was not a mere coincidence, which usually happens a lot in music of the same genre, are, at most, adaptations or inspirations of Jim James's, which in turn, adapts sounds and is inspired by in melodies of various rock groups, and others without copyright, therefore, in none of the cases can one speak of "theft", copying, "plagiarism" For that reason, none of those involved in this matter is going to file a lawsuit. Curiously, those who claim are not these artists, but the envious and frustrated fans of certain Kpop groups to whom the success of Fifty Fifty has prevented them from achieving the achievements and records that they would have wanted their groups to obtain. first than others, in the rankings. That's why they cry so loudly... it's that simple hahaha :)

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