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Lee Seung Gi talks about his established career, a special album for his 20th anniversary, and more during his press conference in Manila


On May 27, Lee Seung Gi sat down to answer some questions from the media before his solo concert in Manila, Philippines.

When asked what drives him to continuously explore new avenues in his career and if there are any other fields he would like to try. Lee Seung Gi answered, "Because I already do hosting, acting, and singing at the moment, I will just exert efforts to be more productive for the upcoming projects I will have."

Spending almost two decades in the entertainment industry, the actor shared that he would personally like to play a role of a doctor or play in a romantic comedy-drama in the future.

"Actually, there are no more projects yet, but, of course, I'll do my best so I can interact with my fans more often through songs, albums, and dramas."

On his musical career, Seung Gi revealed that he is preparing to release a special album next year to commemorate his 20th anniversary, saying, "There's no specific album being considered yet. But, of course, next year is my 20th anniversary, so I'll be releasing an album that will include collaborations with junior and senior singers, and also the most famous producers in Korea. I'll be making an album for you guys."

Since 2004, many things have changed for the singer and actor. When asked if he has anything to say to his younger self, he said: "When I was young, I was really afraid of trying new things, but I would like to say that don't be afraid, try out things, and challenge yourself."

"I think the most important and valuable lesson I learned is that move instead of thinking. Because if you just think, nothing can be started. So I want to be in action and experience a lot of things so I can find a way in this entertainment industry," Seung Gi on the most valuable thing he learned from his career.

When asked if there is any fun fact about him that his fans don't know yet, Seung Gi responded: "I have shown my true self, everything about myself in the entertainment shows, so I'm not really sure if are the things I haven't showed you yet." This proves that Seung Gi has been open and transparent in everything that he does for the past years working in the industry.

'2023 Lee Seung Gi Tour [Boy Walks the Road - Chapter 2]' was presented by CDM Entertainment.

Check out some photos from the press conference below!

[Photos by Sofia Sayson]

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Mynamehere1,206 pts Sunday, May 28, 2023 2
Sunday, May 28, 2023

Every time I read the response to the what drives you to do different things question, I feel like something got lost in translation because his response is that he's just going to keep trying to work in his given fields as best as he can.

When he said he's shown all of himself in variety shows, I thought that was SO accurate. People can literally watch him grow, mature, and change over 19 years! I'm not sure what else people need to know about him. He's been pretty transparent in any given show of his as well as his Human Table conversations. He truly is just a guy who works incredibly hard.

Personally, I would like to see him in diverse, challenging roles instead of romcoms but I get that romcoms are probably less strenuous and most of his roles have involved some level of physicality. I just want him to always be evolving and not get typecast or stuck in a box. Even with his new album, I hope he'll do some rock ballads but also get to just play around and enjoy making music.

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Psych2425484 pts Sunday, May 28, 2023 1
Sunday, May 28, 2023

This mall type place was packed! The whole ground floor and the upper two balcony's! I look forward to his 20th anniversary! Gosh that's insane to me. He's only 36 but he has been in the industry that long already and at his level? Its going to be a huge milestone! The album and tour! so exciting! I am cheering you on Seungi!

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