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After admitting to most of his charges, Yoo Ah In avoids arrest for illegal drug use


On the morning of May 24 KST, actor Yoo Ah In reported to the Seoul Central District Court in order to attend a suspect interrogation, meant to determine whether or not the court would grant the police's arrest warrant request. 

During this interrogation, Yoo Ah In's side overturned previous claims of denial for the use of five different illegal drugs, and instead admitted to most of the charges. Previously, during two separate interrogations which took place on March 27 and May 16, Yoo Ah In denied that he abused drugs such as propofol, ketamine, and zolpidem, as they were prescribed for medical treatment purposes. He further went on to deny any use of cocaine, and argued that marijuana was offered to him by an acquaintance. Yoo Ah In's strong denial of many of his illegal drug use charges ultimately prompted the police to seek an arrest warrant, for fear that the suspect may attempt to destroy evidence.

However, after Yoo Ah In's most recent interrogation on the morning of May 24, the court announced that the police's arrest warrant request for Yoo Ah In has been denied, citing the following reasons: there is adequate evidence to indicate the suspect's wrongdoings, the suspect is reflecting on his actions after using the illegal drug marijuana, the suspect has admitted to the validity of most charges, the suspect resides in one place of residence and has no prior offenses for a similar crime, etc. 

After receiving the news from the court, Yoo Ah In commented through his legal representative, "I respect the court's decision and also express my deep gratitude. I will approach the remainder of these processes diligently and do my best." 

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3 days ago

People is mad-mad...why? Notice how the police couldn't get him for his use of drugs that were legally prescribed and administered...which is what this originally started out as...so they added Marijuana and Cocaine...but ultimately, he was found guilty of using Marijuana...the only illegal drug there.

What people should be mad about is police using the legal system against people anyway they want...it's oppression, but only people with a herd mentality will not see it that way. If a person wants to destroy themself and their life by using drugs...it's their free will to do so. Drugs are only illegal because the powers to be haven't worked out who can capitalize on it and profit solely for themselves.

I hope that he gets the correct and appropriate treatment, God only knows what he was trying to treat by going from doctor to doctor to be prescribed the combination of drugs that he was using overusing. He needs rehabilitation not prison time. And I just wish that people would be more empathetic to this man and his situation because he could have easily died from the amount of drugs and the combination of drugs that were legally given to him by license medical professionals. So I hope that everyone will remember that and have some compassion because we don't know what he was going through or how he came about his addiction, so think about that when you want to use harsh judgment and say that he needs to be punished with prison time and lose his career. If you were a person in his shoes you wouldn't want to be put in prison for a long time or any length of time and you wouldn't want to lose your career because of a challenging moment in your life either so let's not be so hard-hearted on this man.

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mamley_quartey949 pts 3 days ago 0
3 days ago

The police knew all they had to know and the truth from the beginning. Yoo Ah In did not say aor add anything new that they weren't aware of to begin with. It has been an ego trip for the police all along!

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