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Sunye says there was no way to communicate with her fans when she got married in 2013


Sunye of Wonder Girls fame said there was no way to communicate with her fans when she got married in 2013. 

On the March 18th episode of JTBC's 'Knowing Brothers', Sunye made a guest appearance. On this day, Sunye shared various episodes, including the one when she left the group. Sunye debuted back in 2007 as a group Wonder Girls. She then got married in 2013 and withdrew from the group in 2015. 

Sunye said, "I got married at 24. Of course, celebrities have their personal lives but I do understand what fans would have felt. They want their idol to shine forever. But when I got married there was no way to communicate with fans. I feel sorry about that." She then shared her affection towards her fans, "I was so grateful to see my fans again after the decade-long hiatus. I hope we could continue exchanging good energies." 

However, some fans are skeptical about her remark. They commented, "There were Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook in 2013. What does she mean by there was no way to communicate?"

"I feel like members who left their group making a huge scene tend to reminisce about their group activities the most, more than those members who left and kept the group together. I guess they know that those group activities were their prime." 

"Why can't she just focus on her new solo activities? I respect her decision to be happily married so leave the group alone."

"Back then Yenny stepped up and communicated with the fans smh. I remember it all."

"I am thankful to listen to Sunye's songs again but I hope she stops bringing that up with lies. Can we just move forward?"

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2013 had internet I am sure... also Canada has internet too.

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Park Jin-Young must be thankful for Sunye everyday because the slander against her makes people forget HE IS THE ONE who fucked up the Wonder Girls with his need for US success. They were arguably #1 girl group in Korea. Tell Me exploded, then So Hot exploded, and Nobody had them on the top. This was the fall of 2008.

By the time the Wonder Girls would release a new song in Korea (May of 2010). SNSD had come out with Gee, Genie, Oh, and Run Devil Run. Seriously. SNSD did all of that while Park Jin Young had Wonder Girls in America.

Then WG came out with 2 Different Tears, which did pretty well and then went back onto another almost 1.5 year break before their next release.

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