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Korean netizens uncover more evidence that DKZ's Kyoungyoon was part of the JMS cult


Many people in the Korean community were brought to shock when the Netflix documentary 'In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal' was released earlier this month.

The K-pop industry was brought to further shock when an idol's family was confirmed to be part of the notorious JMS cult that was covered by the Netflix docuseries. The cult has been in the spotlight after Netflix recently released a documentary and exposed the truth behind Providence, better known as JMS, and the crimes of its founder Jung Myung Seok.

Three days ago, it was confirmed that DKZ member Kyoungyoon's parents were part of the infamous JMS cult. Since then, netizens have begun digging up the idol's past and have discovered hints that Kyoungyoon might have been part of the cult himself.

According to DKZ's agencyDongyo Entertainment, Kyoungyoon was not aware of the fact that his parents were part of the cult and also denied that the idol had anything to do with the organization. The agency stated that Kyoungyoon's parents also cut ties with the cult and have closed their business, which was well-known to be associated with the pseudo-religion.

Nevertheless, netizens found that Kyoungyoon's past paintings of a tree growing from a rock highly resembles the rock and tree worshipped by JMS followers as being "The miracle of Jung Myung Suk." Many fans defended the idol, stating that he must have drawn the rock and tree after seeing it when he was young when he visited the place with his parentsMany defended the idol that he must not have been aware of the location because he might have been too young.

But netizens have done more detective work and found more evidence that Kyoungyoon was actually part of the JMS cult himself. One netizen found a photo of Kyoungyoon wearing a sweater that is exclusively made for the JMS Youth group.

The netizen explained, "The proof that Kyoungyoon believes in JMS. In one of the videos posted on DKZ's official TikTok account, Kyoungyoon is seen wearing SS Blue Bird outerwear that was exclusively made for the Youth Group. You can't get that outerwear with just your parents being part of JMS because that was exclusive to the JMS Youth Group members. Kyoungyoon was able to get that sweater because he is part of JMS."

Now many Korean netizens are further shocked and disappointed with the DKZ member and are now demanding that Kyoungyoon be removed from the group more.

Netizens commented, "I doubt his parents left the cult. If it was that easy to break ties and leave the cult, then why didn't they leave before?" "Wow, I am speechless," "He needs to leave the group to save the group," "This is giving me goosebumps because his fans might have wanted the wear the same sweater as him and looked for that brand," "Dang, he really couldn't wait to show hints that he is part of that cult," "This is so crazy," "So it was true that he was part of JMS," and "So he was showing off subtly that he was part of that cult all along, even with the painting."

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Dribble888 pts 12 days ago 6
12 days ago

Well, it's a reasonable suspicion but then again he could be the cult victim too. His parent was a part of it and he was young and grew up with it. A lot of people that grew up in cult are brainwashed since young and it's not easy to escape.

We should really be mindful of the psychology behind the cult members too because oftentimes they're also the victims.

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eldershawol1,219 pts 12 days ago 1
12 days ago

the operative words here being YOUTH GROUP. he is only 22 years old. he has been active in dkz since he was 18. if his parents were knowingly part of the cult then he likely grew up in it and was primarily involved in it as a child. why in the world are we holding him responsible for that?

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