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Posted by OT4plusV776 pts Saturday, October 1, 2022

Netizens discuss why BTS member Taehyung and IVE's Wonyoung are the most popular idols in Korea right now

In a recent article on a popular K-forum, a netizen pointed out that almost 100% of the forum trends are filled with BTS's Taehyung and IVE's Wonyoung.

"Jang Won-young and V will do well for the next 10 years"

Taehyung and Wonyoung's overwhelming popularity is evident in the current trends on most K-forums.

Based on a recent K-media survey, Taehyung and Wonyoung emerged as #1 korean male and female celebrity respectively, whose image are most preferred among Gen Z teenagers and who can recreate as virtual models in the metaverse.

Knetz have expressed their thoughts regarding this insane popularity and success of both Taehyung and Wonyoung in Korea.

"It seems to be true, see the trends"

"They're both really popular hahahaha"

"V is in his ninth year of activity, but he is still popular"

"V for men, Jang Wonyoung for women"

"They are viral"

"These two seem to have the most popularity, their antis confirm it."

"Male V, Female Jang Won-young. This is correct hahahaha. Even in the 10th year of his debut, V is always making headlines with the 4th generation idols."

"I really can't imagine a version without Jang Won-young anymore.. Jang Won-young related comments are too much these days."

  1. V
  2. Wonyoung
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Hisokax197 pts Saturday, October 1, 2022 2
Saturday, October 1, 2022

"These two seem to have the most popularity, their antis confirm it."

Only the most popular idols get daily hate threads on Pann.

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mtdj3,161 pts Saturday, October 1, 2022 5
Saturday, October 1, 2022

I know with V everyone always talks about his popularity and record setting but the real reason why he is so loved is because he is a kind soul. Let me remind some fans how V stayed up late on Weverse talking to us, his polite manners, how he decided to do a radio show cause an army said she had insomnia, how he gifted many songs to fans for free.

A Taehyung quote of the day for anyone struggling- “Don’t be upset cause someone didn’t cheer you up. If you feel drained, why not do less, worry less, make it less tough, and take some rest”💜💜

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