Posted by Sophie-Ha Friday, October 21, 2022

LE SSERAFIM is taking TikTok challenges to another level showing their strength in the 'ANTIFRAGILE' challenge with Kim Jong Kook


The newest trend for K-pop idols that have become somewhat mandatory is the TikTok dance challenge.

Whenever these artists release new music, they collaborate with different artists to dance to a short part of the new song. Since this has become something that idols always do, some have criticized that this challenge is becoming too outdated. There are artists who expressed that they are overwhelmed by being required to film these short dance videos as a part of their promotion.

Nevertheless, one girl group is taking this challenge to a different level. LE SSERAFIM recently came back with their 2nd mini-album, 'ANTIFRAGILE,' and have been showing their inner strength. Now they are leveling up and showing their physical strength.

In the latest 'ANTIFRAGILE' challenge, the girls are seen working out with Kim Jong Kook. In particular, Kazuha is garnering much attention thanks to her core strength. In another 'ANTIFRAGILE' challenge clip, Kazuha is seen doing a workout routine with Kim Jong Kook to work out her core strength. Fans were amazed by how easily she did the workout.

Fans and netizens commented, "This is crazy," "They are taking the challenge to a new level," "If they do the challenge like this, no one will be able to follow," "This is a real challenge, lol," "What is with the second video. It's a real workout challenge," "Kazuha is so crazy, her core strength is so good," "This is so hilarious," "This is so funny but it fits their image so much, lol," "This is a crazy challenge," "Are they crazy? They made a real challenge lol," and "Lol, they made a workout challenge instead!"

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Brody82465,921 pts Saturday, October 22, 2022 16
Saturday, October 22, 2022

Is this sarcasm? They just did a few hip dips, some plank ladders and half a squat. Core strength? Please. Nothing crazy or challenging about that, unless maybe you're 80 years old and lying on your deathbed. These fans/netizens are always praising their idols to high heaven for the most basic shit, or maybe they're just so out of shape that just getting out of bed is a workout for them.

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Avada-Kedavra2,185 pts Saturday, October 22, 2022 0
Saturday, October 22, 2022

Watched Le Sserrafim on a fitness challenge show - Kazuha did 82 sit-ups in a minute!!! If Jongkook is Sparta, Kazuha is the Terminator! If only Real Men was still on - she'd be amazing on the show.

Seriously though, all Le Sserafim members are very relatable and brilliant on variety shows. They were very reserved over the early months (for obvious reasons) and now we're seeing their real personalities. If Chaewon has become a super leader-nim, Eunchae is becoming a legendary cheeky maknae.

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