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NMIXX's Sullyoon stuns the web for her flawless snapshots taken by a photojournalist


NMIXX's Sullyoon is gaining attention for her flawless media snapshots.

On an online community forum, netizens were shocked to see several images of Sullyoon taken by a photojournalist. As widely known, photos of idols taken as media articles are usually unflattering, especially compared to taken by homemasters who edit the images. 

In these official media photos, Sullyoon's gorgeous face and physique stood out in their natural form. Netizens were mesmerized to believe that they were not pictorials.

Some reactions include:

"Here we have someone who can be an idol for a million years"
"Her waistline is beautiful!"
"Wow she has a beautiful waistline even though she is more famous for her face"
"Her uneven eye shape just tells us that she never underwent surgery on her face"
"I love how her eyes are no unique"
"I can't believe these are photojournalist images"
"I never knew she had such an amazing physique"
"She's too precious!"
"She has everything...she is a doll"

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Kopano3,104 pts Sunday, September 25, 2022 6
Sunday, September 25, 2022

is it just her makeup or are her eyes uneven? her right eye (our left) looks bigger and rounder than her left eye. it doesn't look bad though, it looks charming

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sleeplessssss999 pts Sunday, September 25, 2022 0
Sunday, September 25, 2022

The photos taken by professional photographers who do that for a living aren't "unflattering" - it's what the idols actually look like outside of the professional, controlled lighting, intense photoshopping, & without a million photos taken for a few edited photos to be posted lol. A photojournalist's job is to take photos & keep them as real & natural as possible. The fact we are so brainwashed by photoshop that we see what idols genuinely look like in natural, real life environments & go "that is unflattering" is so wild. She's gorgeous for sure & so are every single other idol in the media photos. Like imagine being an idol & learning your own fans think your natural unedited self is "unflattering" & only highly edited photos of you are nice/good. No wonder their mental health is so fucked. I would have severe anxiety & eating disorders & all the other horrific issues they face daily as well, I mean jfc.

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