Posted by Sophie-Ha Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Fans say these are legendary idol photos by photojournalists


With high contrast flash and awkward angles, there are times photojournalists don't take too flattering photos of celebrities.

So fans sometimes don't like the photos of their idols taken at press conferences or any candid photos taken by photojournalists. But recently, there were a few photos that fans picked as legendary photos that were uploaded in an online community.

The idols in the photos taken look beautiful as if the photos were taken as a pictorial or even by Homemasters.

BTS's Jungkook

Red Velvet's Joy

ITZY's Yuna


NCT's Jaehyun


Girls' Generation's YoonA

Red Velvet's Yeri


BTS's Jin

TWICE's Tzuyu

GFriend's Sowon

(G)I-DLE's Miyeon

EXO's Suho

ITZY's Ryujin

  2. Jennie
  3. BTS
  4. V
  5. Jungkook
  6. Jin
  7. EXO
  8. Suho
  9. GFriend (Girlfriend)
  10. Sowon
  11. (G)I-DLE
  12. Miyeon
  13. Girls' Generation
  14. YoonA
  15. Ryujin
  16. Yuna
  17. Suzy
  18. NCT
  19. Jaehyun
  20. Red Velvet
  21. Joy
  22. TWICE
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sleeplessssss588 pts Tuesday, December 15, 2020 2
Tuesday, December 15, 2020

I feel like the reason netizens get mad about photojournalists taking photos is because the fans & fansites don't get to heavily edit them before releasing them. This typically means the idols are not whitewashed to hell & have not had their skin smoothed, eyes made brighter, etc. I actually like seeing the real, untouched photos with correct exposure because you can see what they actually look like. I have been genuinely shocked when I've seen journalists pics or non fan photos where the idols are like WAYYYY tanner than they look in videos/fan photos & have always been shocked when I'm able to see their skin texture because I've only able ever seen the edited stuff. I mean even if you have great skin you still have texture, but most of the times that's edited out & videos now (even behind the scenes ones that are supposed to be "real" & "candid") almost all feature filters placed on them with smoothing & brightening. As someone who does photography for a living & also does videography on the side it's super obvious to me, but it seems most people don't notice. It's such a shame because all of that from the filters on videos to majority of photos being edited so much & presented as "real".. it just perpetuates this idea that idols are somehow not human beings & are a product that is always supposed to look (& act) perfect & any sign they are actually normal humans is taken as either someone "doing the idol dirty" or that the idol themselves is acting in offensive or unacceptable ways which just continues to feed this never ending cycle.


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nina97x10,846 pts Tuesday, December 15, 2020 0
Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Not gonna lie, they all seem to practice that open eye stare and have it ready to go at any event. They always look camera ready because they’re idols so of course all their candid shots look like studio sessions. I don’t think some should even be considered candid if they’re aware of the cameras.



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