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MAMAMOO fans speculate that the group has begun dropping comeback concept spoilers

With the wrap-up of the "MAMAMOO Comeback title song," fan listening session for the group's upcoming comeback. Fans have begun to speculate that the group has been dropping comeback spoilers in regard to choreography and the likely color of the forthcoming release. This matches the speculated spoilers of possible eater eggs of the comebacks concept during the month of June 2022. 

During the month of March, all the group members posted separate posts on their personal Instagram accounts in a short time frame with one thing in common a single blue heart emoji. Now, many fans were quick to point out that this may be referring to a new color the group wishes to showcase in their music or possibly the color of the album. 

While other fans pointed out that technically MAMAMOO has two blue-colored albums: Purple (2017, which came in two colors, one pink and the other an electric blue) and Blue;s (2018, which came in a dark blue). Neither of the albums matches the color of the heart emojis posted by the girls. Of course, other fans were quick to point out the possibility of this being a coincidence. Many made note that typically the girls post several hearts (different colors as well), but here in a very short period of time. All members of the girl group posted the same blue heart in a short amount of time on non-related posts. 

The next possible spoilers for the girl groups comeback related to possible butterfly hand gesture choreography. During the month of August, 3/4 members of MAMAMOO made the same butterfly hand gestures randomly:

1. WheeIn during her Youtube Q and A session with fans on her personal Youtube channel;

2. Solar and Moonbyul during their reaction video to their subunit songs "Better" (MAMAMOO+ feat. Big Naughty) music video reaction video;

3. Solar during the Behind the scenes vlog of the "Better" music video shoot. 

Now giving little choreography Easter eggs that fans do not pick up at the same moment is something the MAMAMOO members are known for both for their solo and group releases. Especially in recent years, which leads many moomoos to believe that there will be a butterfly hand gesture in the group's upcoming comeback choreography.

Now, piecing together both the blue heart emojis, butterfly hand choreography gestures, and the information shared by the winners of the group's comeback title track listening session. Many fans pointed out that both the sexy but effortless butterfly hand gestures and the royal blue color eerily match one of the songs presented during the listening section to fans as a possible title track.

Many of the fans described it as a mix of a more sultry and dark version of the group's songs:  "Aya," "Starry Night," and "Diamond," but with a slower beat and 2NE1's 'Come Back Home's intro. This would match the more sultry royal blue shade for the comeback, and the album, as well as the butterfly choreography, would be a nice nod to the MAMAMOOs other title tracks choreography for "Starry Night."

However, both Whee In and Moonbyul have been spotted in recording studios and RBW (MAMAMOO's company) lounge in the past month. The group has yet to make any specific comeback date and/or release schedule announcements. Leading many fans to believe that the group is almost done with recording and will be filming the MV soon, especially if they decide to go with the speculated pre-released single before the full comeback. Thus, although the final comeback date is yet to be announced, fans are excited as "MAMAMOO is coming back for You."

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Friday, September 9, 2022

Looking forward for it. :)

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Friday, September 9, 2022

What a wonderful article with all the details we need. The return of MamamoOoO I'm so happy. Thank you 1000 times. 💐💐💐💐

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