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BoA responds to criticism about her 'Street Man Fighter' decision + SM Entertainment to take legal action


BoA responded to criticism about her 'Street Man Fighter' decision on the latest episode.

On the most recent episode of the Mnet survival show, the dance team Prime Kingz was eliminated in a dance battle against the Bank Two Brothers. However, viewers are criticizing the judges decision to forfeit their votes during one battle round.

On September 21, BoA responded to criticism saying she shouldn't be a judge on her Instagram account. She wrote, "The judges don't even decide the battle teams... Would it have been better if Bank Two Brothers was eliminated instead... I'm getting tired of constantly thinking like this." She then posted a notice by SM Entertainment, warning malicious commenters of legal action.

The label stated, "There are currently malicious comments being spread through the artist's social media, online communities, and portal sites. These acts are against the law and are subject to punishment. We'd like to inform you we're currently gathering evidence to pursue legal action in both civil and criminal courts. To protect our artists, we're constantly monitoring for evidence, and we're currently pursuing legal action. We'll continue to pursue legal action against those who engage in criminal behavior."

Have you been watching 'Street Man Fighter'?

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I'm so over her. She has disappointed me since the start of SMF (I didn't watch SWF when it aired). From Ep1 - it's been bad. Roh TaeHyun vs Trix - everyone losing it & her just going "huh what? whats happening?" only for the other judges to explain that Trix is the Krump World Champion. Sis really sat there as a judge....not knowing she was going to be judging a world champion who is also the first Asian to ever hold that title in Krump. Her choosing Knucks over Deukie because of the abs. Her every single comment about 5000. Wooyoung and Eunhyuk having to constantly explain things to her. Idc how good of a dancer people say she is - unless she choreo'ed all/most of her dances in the last 20 years herself. At least Wooyoung was a battler himself & creates choreos and Eunhyuk creates choreos and directs.

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Regular_Huh819 pts 16 days ago 4
16 days ago

"The judges don't even decide the battle teams... Would it have been better if Bank Two Brothers was eliminated instead..."

will never understand why she 'responded' this way if all she was going to say was a whole lot of nothing + shifts the blame back to the viewers.

i dont think she understood that many people were criticizing her judging (and/or professionalism) and not the team that won because now she just dragged in a poor dance group that probably feels like shit for winning.... + even if she doesn't decide the battle teams, she decides who wins so BOA.. take some accountability for the battle results and eliminations that came from your judgements!

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