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Jimin extends his record as the First and Only artist to top the Billboard Hot Trending Songs chart both as a soloist and with a group for 7 weeks

Jimin continues to make history with his first ever official project outside of BTS, "With You," a duet with Ha Sungwoon. On August 9, Billboard released the weekly chart for the Hot Trending Songs for the week dated August 13, whereby "With You" had risen back to first place in its 15th week of release, making it the seventh week that the song was ranking #1 on this chart. 

As such, Jimin extended his record on this chart as the First and Only artist to rank #1 both as a soloist and with a group for seven total weeks!

The Billboard Hot Trending songs chart is powered by Twitter and ranks the songs that are talked about the most on the platform. Ever since "With You" was released, it has remained in the top three songs in every week's ranking, proving how popular the song is among the masses. 

On its week of release, which had only four days and 10 hours of tracking instead of a full tracking week of 7 days like most other songs, 'With You" still managed to debut at #2 on the chart, after which it rose to the top of the chart in the next week. By so doing, Jimin became the first artist in history to rank #1 on the chart as a soloist and also as a member of a group. The song was also the 4th song in the chart's history to rank first since the chart's inception and the first song that was not by a group.

In the following weeks, "With You' continued to hold on to the top spot for five consecutive weeks, thereby extending Jimin's record as the first and only artist to rank #1 on the chart both as a soloist and with a group for five consecutive weeks. It later returned to #1 on the week dated July 9, which was its 10th week of release, for a sixth non-consecutive week at #1, again extending Jimin's record by another week.

Jimin has set numerous records with 'With You" despite it being an unpromoted OST, and fans cannot wait to witness his full potential with his first promoted album.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Record breaker and record maker Park Jimin 🔥

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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Jimin's power is amazing as his talent, beauty and charisma! The world must prepare because PJM1 is coming very soon! It will be an explosion of musical talent and art, I'm very excited!!

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