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Jimin continues to prove his popularity as he becomes one of the most-mentioned people at #Lollapalooza when he didn't even perform

Jimin is much loved and adored for his many admirable qualities, including his warm and pure heart, his top-tier skills as an artist, his charming personality, and his striking visuals. Wherever he goes and whatever he does, he becomes a trending topic on all social media platforms and even in mainstream media. He can only be defined as a 'Global IT Boy' for his immeasurable level of popularity all over the world.

This was exactly the case during his attendance at the recently held #Lollapalooza music festival held in Chicago, where fellow bandmate j-hope was a headliner. Netbase Quid, a platform that delivers AI-powered consumer & market intelligence reports, Jimin was the fifth most mentioned artist on social media across the duration of the #Lollapalooza event.

The release of this report with Jimin ranking among the Top 10 most mentioned artists at the festival especially caught the attention of fans because of the fact that all the artists on this list were performers at the event, apart from Jimin. He only went there as an audience to support his bandmate. As such, Jimin was the most mentioned non-performing artist throughout the entire event. 

Moreover, he did not make any social media posts on any of his accounts about the event until much later, after the festival had ended. It goes to show how big a buzz he created just by being at the event, proving his power and influence.

Fans could not help but show their respect and admiration for Jimin, emphasizing on just how powerful and impactful he is. Almost all reaction tweets to the report were pointing out the fact that Jimin did not even have a performance at the show but he still made it onto the list, even ranking higher than some of the performing artists. 

Aside from this, Jimin's 'main-character' impact was also evident from media reports on the event. Korean television station MBC aired a news segment reporting on the music festival, and Jimin's fancam from the event was used! This has become a common occurrence in South Korea, whereby the media always uses his footage when reporting on any event where Jimin is present [read here and here for examples]. The same case applies to international media outlets, such as when BTS visited the White House some few months back on official duty [read here].

Fans are saying if he can be this impactful without doing anything at an event, how much more impactful can he be when he has his own show? The unfolding of events has gotten them even more excited, and they cannot wait for this to happen.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Jimin Global IT BOY, he just needs to breathe to trend!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

That’s GLOBAL IT BOY for you 😍😍😍😍 our king JIMIN

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