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Korean and International media outlets highlight Jimin in news reports on BTS' #PTD_ON_STAGE_LA concert and press conference


Jimin is being highlighted by news outlets in South Korea as well as internationally. He is usually one of the main focused members whenever there are news reports on BTS or K-pop. It is because he is such an outstanding performer both vocally and in dance, being considered as part of the Elite King Dance-line in K-pop consisting of 3 individuals only, and many rookie idols look up to him as a role model. In vocals, his sweet vocals tend to draw attention, especially when he hits the unbelievably high notes so effortlessly. Whenever he is on stage, all eyes stick to him, hence the reason why he becomes the focus of most media reports.

His charms are not just on stage but off stage as well, where he is known to be the most compassionate, kind, and sweet human that anyone could ever know. His words are always sincere, wise, and very relatable, which makes people feel drawn to him a lot as a person as well.

Media reports covering BTS' concert in Los Angeles and the recently held press conference have demonstrated his massive popularity and star aura yet again in both aspects.

On December 1, SBS Morning Wide talked of the heavy Twitter usage during the first two days of the four-day concert by BTS. The segment specifically mentions Jimin's tweet just before the concerts started and says that this was one of the times when the tweet volume was highest during the concert period, having received over 750k retweets and 2.2 million likes.

Other media outlets in South Korea reported on the same news. The Japanese Twitter monitoring platform Tabtter indicated that Jimin's tweet was both the most liked and most retweeted tweet worldwide in over 24 hours.

In the US, CBS News Los Angeles featured Jimin-centered footage in a news report on the second day of BTS' concert. The network specifically uses the ' 333 killing part' from the 'Fire' performance, which is one of the most talked about parts of performances by BTS, having been the point of attraction since the release of the song in 2016. This attention is what resulted in the name '333 killing part.'

Previously, on November 29, SBS News also aired a report on the concert, also using Jimin-centered footage for the stages, this time from the 'ON' performance. The network also extracted Jimin's portion of the interview while the group was having the press conference held on the 29th, once again showing his wise and touching words.

A report on the same press conference was aired by yet another news channel, YTN News. The network also placed the spotlight on Jimin, highlighting his moving speech and sincere words.

The same network conducted a review of BTS' concert as published by other media entities. In this publication, there is special reference to Jimin's 'high notes that overwhelmed the entire concert hall' as the piece discusses BTS' vocal stability even when executing the high-energy choreography that the group is known for.

This review further attests to Jimin's level of skill, which is highly seasoned in his craft. It is not every day that artists can pull off singing and dancing simultaneously, much less when the dancing requires lots of energy and also goes on for hours. Jimin does both perfectly, which is what makes him to stand out as a performer, considering the fact that he is the one charged with all the high notes in the group. 

Previous instances when Korean media focused on Jimin during news segments on his group include during reports on the online concert held in October on the 24th. Some of the networks that used Jimin-centered footage include SBS News, TV Chosun, Yonhap News, and YTN, whereas KBS News used the same kind of footage in news reports on BTS' AMAs nominations. Many other similar instances are detailed here

It is evident that his impact is only growing and will not be slowing down in the near future either.

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King Jimin!!



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He's sweet and kind off-stage, but a performance beast on stage! Jimin is a perfectionist!



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