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"Stop treating them like products," Korean netizens also express anger towards the president of the Korea Singer Association, who begged BTS to reconsider their hiatus


There has not been a quiet day for BTS, as everyone has been talking about their group hiatus announcement.

While fans are supportive of the members' solo activities and also supportive of the group entering a break to recuperate from the nine-year-long promotion, The Korea Singer Association, released an official statement asking BTS to reconsider their group hiatus. The president of the association, Lee Ja Yeon, personally wrote the statement pleading for the group to reconsider their hiatus.

The president explained that the reason BTS should not enter a hiatus is that "If BTS goes away, the missionaries of Hallyu and Korean culture, ARMYs, also go away. South Korea's tourism industry will suffer, and it will be difficult to hope for a future for South Korea as a hub of culture in Asia. The special laws allotted to the sports and the classical music and arts industries for mandatory military service must be extended to popular culture as well."

Despite her good intentions in making the official statement, Korean netizens are criticizing that the president of the Korea Singer Association has overstepped her boundary. They criticized that Lee Ja Yeon should not ask the boys to take back their decision and even blamed her for saying they should receive military exemption since BTS had already expressed their willingness to serve their national duty.

Korean netizens commented, "Why is she posting an official statement asking BTS not to take a break? She only treats them as a product, not as people," "She's been saying nonsense since a long time ago," "She was asking BTS to be exempt from the military too, just leave them alone, please," "She's crossing the line," "She needs to keep quiet," "The Korea Singer Association doesn't even do a proper job to advocate Korean singers," "If BTS is so important that they don't want them to go on hiatus, why do they have to enlist?," "Man, she does not pay attention to the music market at all, there are so many other k-pop groups other than BTS that is gaining popularity overseas," "Does BTS owe her?" "She's so brazen," and "Let's not give her attention anymore."

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If anyone deserves a break, it's BTS. All of the members have gone above & beyond to promote Korea, whether with their music or not. They opened up about the overwhelming pressure that comes with being worldwide stars & I'm certain this won't help that.

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If they wanted to have a break, leave them have a break. They know better.

They are people with feelings, not robots.

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