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Fans react to Jimin's beautiful visuals, exquisite body proportions, and sweet personality during BTS' pre-recordings for music shows

On the 10th of June, BTS's anticipated album Proof officially launched with Yet To Come as its title track. Filled with their old iconic hits and a few new ones, the anthology sparked excitement among fans.

Following its release, the album aroused a lot of nostalgia among fans, with many ready for a new era since the best was yet to come for the band. This also meant that BTS would return to promote and showcase their songs on Korean music shows after three years since the pandemic.

Despite not having a lot of screen time or lines on any of the songs, Park Jimin managed to shine and captivate audiences with his sweet vocals and techniques. The main dancer and lead vocal added flavor to the BTS songs and ultimately went viral on social media and was soon the highlight of Korean media.

As fans have been excitedly keeping up with BTS schedules after the anthology's release, wonderful stories about Jimin have also been shared. These have hinted at his exquisite visuals, charming mannerisms, and kind personality.

During BTS Inkigayo pre-recording, one fan recounted their experience, saying that Jimin was worried about ARMY. They said, "He was so sweet I can't forget it. He kept apologizing, so ARMYs holding ARMY bombs told him to not apologize while waving hands." It seems that despite the fact that the staff let the members sleep since the recording was done very late, Jimin instead took to Weverse to check up on ARMY and show support, adding, "People say Jimin's heart is as beautiful as his face because of his sweet and kind personality. I understand why people say that now, He is considerate and lovely."

They also related how Jimin was so cute when he interacted with them, making funny gestures and being shy to see them for the first time in 3 years at the pre-recordings. This was also evident from his interactions with fellow members as he helped them be presentable as they met Korean ARMY in a long time.

Jimin is known for his otherworldly beauty and incredible godly body proportions. Korean fans had the chance to see him and their stories were enough to make everyone else jealous. They told of his milky white bright skin, the long and pretty neck, his petite chest and slender, muscular frame, long legs, a baby doll face, four moon tattoos down his back, and an admirable derriere that everyone gawked at. One fan explained that while they'd met a lot of dancers and performers in the past, Jimin's body muscles were well defined for dancing with a delicate, small and exquisitely pretty frame. The fan even cried when he performed the soft and light choreography to For Youth because he was so pretty.

Jimin is really South Korea's favorite because every time he showed up at the studios or left, there were fans waiting with very loud and deafening cheers for him. His fashion sense also oozed sophistication and class. Whenever he sang, fans were wowed by his pretty and clear vocals, and it is recorded that during the MCountdown pre-recording session, he did an incredible freestyle that everyone would have loved to see.

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Monday, June 13, 2022

Handsome visuals and cool/ casual outfit. I also love reading his weverse messages he's always endearing ❤️

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Monday, June 13, 2022

He is beautiful inside and out. Ethereal beauty with a humble kind heart.

Park Jimin

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