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Posted by MaiaD Thursday, April 14, 2022

Eleven K-Pop Idols with Very Rare Surnames


Idols have varying surnames, denoting their family origin and sometimes differing from which clan they come from. The top five most popular and common surnames include Kim, Lee, Park, Choi, and Jung (including other spelling variations), accounting for more than half of the population in South Korea. 

On the other hand, some surnames are relatively rare compared to the rest, not accounting for at least more than 30,000 people among the whole population. Here are some of the idols that carry a rare surname!

1. Ong Seung Woo

Ong Seung Woo, a former member of Wanna One, now a soloist and an actor seen in various dramas and films, has a very rare surname! According to the 2015 records of the National Statistics Office of Korea, 967 Koreans carry the same surname, a lot rare with less than a thousand of the total population.

2. Taeyang

Dong Young Bae, known better by his stage name, Taeyang, is an idol singer, songwriter, dancer, and a member of Big Bang. His surname, Dong, is rare, as it is estimated by the National Statistics Office of Korea. According to the 2015 data, there are 5,936 Koreans carrying the same surname.

3. Boo Seungkwan

A member of SEVENTEEN, a vocalist, dancer, songwriter, and an all-rounder entertainer, Boo Seungkwan, also carries a very rare surname! His surname hails from the beautiful Jeju Island, estimated by South Korea's National Statistics Office to have 10,604 Koreans carry the same surname.

4. Kan Mi Yeon

Baby V.O.X.'s Kan Mi Yeon, singer, actress, radio host, model, fashion designer, and businesswoman, also carries a rare surname. Her surname, Kan, according to the 2015 records of the National Statistics Office of Korea, is shared with an estimated total of 2,525 Koreans. 

5. Bong Jae Hyun

Bong Jae Hyun, is also known as Jae Hyun of the group Golden Child, a vocalist, and a rising actor! His surname, Bong, has an estimated number of 12,959 Koreans that carry the same surname and its other similar variations.

6. Eun Ji Won

SECHSKIES' charismatic leader, rapper, singer, host, dancer, composer, and actor, Eun Ji Won, also has a unique surname. According to the 2015 records of the National Statistics Office of Korea, only 16,927 Koreans have the surname Eun.

7. Beom Ga On

Beom Ga On, a member of the girl group, BONUSbaby, has a very rare surname. Beom, alongside its other variations, only has an estimated total of 3,838 Koreans that carry the same surname.

8. Ki Hui Hyeon

DIA member, singer-songwriter, rapper, and actress, Ki Hui Hyeon (also known as Huihyeon and former stage name Cathy), has a rare surname, Ki. According to the records, she shares the surname with an estimated total of 29,062 Koreans.

9. Ok Taecyeon

Ok Taecyeon, 2PM's main rapper, a singer, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur, carries a very unique surname of Ok. His surname, Ok, has an estimated number of 25,107 Koreans that have the same surname.

10. Yook Sungjae

Yook Sungjae, a singer, songwriter, actor, host, and entertainer, and a very proud member of BTOB has a unique surname of Yook. According to the 2015 records of the National Statistics Office, only 23,455 Koreans carry the surname Yook.

11. P.O.

Pyo Jihoon, known famously by his stage name, P.O., is a rapper, singer, actor, and the maknae of the group Block B. He shares his unique surname, Pyo, with an estimated number of 30,749 Koreans. 

Is your bias listed here? Do you also know other idols who have a rare surname only carried by 30,000 Koreans out of the total population?

  1. Taeyang
  2. P.O.
  3. BONUSBaby
  4. Sungjae
  5. Ki Hee Hyun
  6. Golden Child
  7. Kan Mi Yeon
  8. Eun Ji Won
  9. Seungkwan
  10. Ong Seong Wu
  12. Taecyeon
  14. BEOM GA ON
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