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Posted by MaiaD Friday, March 25, 2022

'Going Seventeen' Episodes for Cubics and Interested K-Pop Fans


Various idol contents start to take off and trend among fans and casuals, providing more ways to learn about the idol or the group themselves. Among various groups, SEVENTEEN is one of the most famous K-Pop groups to have established their variety show, creating a different following because of the said content.

Going Seventeen is a web series starred by SEVENTEEN themselves, which premiered on June 12, 2017. Originally, the first seasons started with a blog and behind-the-scenes format but eventually transitioned in 2019 to a variety show format. The show has gained steady support both in views and feedback, not only from their fanbase, CARATs, but also creating a new following in the name of CUBICs- those who enjoy the content outside the fanbase.

Here's a shortlist of the chaotic and enjoyable Going Seventeen episodes we recommend to CUBICs and its new viewers. These episodes will surely help you learn more about SEVENTEEN, and who knows, you might slip into the diamond life!

1. Escape Singing Room (2019)

The two-part episode of SEVENTEEN in a karaoke room with a small twist showcases what SEVENTEEN members do best- singing, performing, and entertaining! The episode revolves on reaching a hundred points as a score in the karaoke machine to be able to come home earlier.

The earlier half of the episode showcases them working in their teams.

In the second half of the episode, however, due to an incident (no spoilers), they'll eventually be working together to be able to escape the room!

2. Debate Night (2019, 2020, 2021)

A mainstay and feature of the Going Seventeen is the installation of Debate Nights over the seasons. The members have to defend their positions with words and logic, which is usually very hard due to the illogical nature of the debate topics themselves.

Debate Night episodes are hosted by Wonwoo, mediating through the red, hot argumentations of the members and their funny stances that will leave you hollering!

3. TTT (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)

Another mainstay of Going Seventeen, TTT showcases the most real sides of SEVENTEEN, unfiltered and with a sprinkle of drinks! The theme varies every year but still lingers around the idea of a humorous and spontaneous show.

The 2018 version showcases MT SVT Reality, divided into three episodes, focusing on the theme of Membership Training but the SEVENTEEN way!

The 2019 version of TTT is also divided into three episodes, but now in the theme of camping! They play games for supplies in the said camping and spend such a beautiful night under the skies, but also while pointing fingers during their random Mafia Games!

The 2020 version of the two-episode TTT is arguably the most chaotic installment, a much more hyperrealistic version of the earlier Membership Training mixed with the concept of unscripted year-end celebration. Watch out for the legendary DK sogo dance and anticipate a whole lot of drinks in celebration with Woozi and The8's birthday!

The most recent version was released last year, 2021, a three-episode installment of TTT, this time set in a resort at Gapyeong. The episode is titled Dive into TTT, Water Sports Version, referencing SEVENTEEN's time with various water activities and random games!

4. Don't Lie (2020, 2021)

The third of the mainstays among the episodes of Going Seventeen is an interesting psychological game among the members as they mix the concept of the Mafia Game and Treasure Hunt.

The members are divided into citizens and mafias, with special roles such as the police and the doctor. Once you've watched every episode, you'll understand why this is Hoshi's favorite GoSe content!

Every Don't Lie episode is divided into two parts. In the second installment, another special role is included named the broker, with the advantage of being able to ask the area where the prize is hidden.

Spoiler Alert! Wait for Vernon's special role this time as he wears the sunglasses of truth!

Make sure to also watch the most recent version, now with two brokers instead of one, filled with an interesting twist that left Dino feeling conflicted and confused.

5. Ad Genius SEVENTEEN (2021)

One of the few episodes with only one part, the whole duration of the episode will make you realize how entertaining SEVENTEEN members can be, creating impromptu free product placements. Their skits will leave you laughing for days even after watching and realizing that Joshua isn't the most normal as we perceive and Mingyu's bread joke that has everyone in CARATland in tears.

6. Ad-lib: Seventeen's got Talent (2020)

The SEVENTEEN members in this episode portray the skit of a talent audition, with judges Scoups, Jeonghan, and Seungkwan! They all have to prepare a talent in accordance to what talent they have picked randomly, creating peals of laughter among the members themselves and the viewers!

An EMS massager is attached to each of them that activates whenever they laugh. Look out for Jun's excellent talent that activated each one's massagers and make us anticipate a future theater or musical role for him!

7. The Tag (2020)

One of the hottest Going Seventeen episodes ever, with the first part gaining 10 million views, the Tag was conceptualized under Jun's idea. The idea was developed into a modified game of tag wherein each group of players shall search the game area for the exit door key.

They should also make sure to avoid getting tagged by the three taggers, all in the form of various horror fiction antagonists. The members take turns in entering the dark abandoned factory, some alongside a group, a partner, or alone, which was decided originally through a previous episode but was switched up because of the members' wish coupons.

8. Ad-lib: Going Company (2021)

The production staff saw the potential of SEVENTEEN in impromptu situations and how they excel in adlibs as seen in previous contents, leading to this episode! They all act as employees of "Going Company," headed by CEO Jeonghan, while being interrupted from time to time by an EMS massager attached to each of them.

The episode is divided into two parts, with the second part consisting of adlibbed ideas regarding which content perfectly fits each member of SEVENTEEN. This got the members going, spitballing a lot of impossible ideas and a time to tease and bicker.

Spoiler Alert! The things or ideas they mentioned in the skit will be used by the Going Seventeen production team in developing concepts for future episodes.

These are only a few among the many episodes of Going Seventeen, with cumulative views exceeding 270 million as of January 2022! Going Seventeen's opening and closing theme is also interesting, with the soundtracks being composed and performed by SEVENTEEN members themselves.

What is your favorite Going Seventeen episode, and which episode do you recommend to future and interested viewers?

  1. Seventeen
  2. Jeonghan (Junghan)
  3. Joshua
  4. S.Coups
  5. Woozi
  6. Vernon
  7. DK
  8. Seungkwan
  9. Mingyu
  10. Wonwoo
  11. Hoshi
  12. The8
  13. Jun
  14. Dino
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LiV9540 pts Friday, March 25, 2022 0
Friday, March 25, 2022

Their 'best friend' episode is one of the best IMO

I casually listen to them, but after binge watching Going Seventeen I started to listen to all of their songs... and its good TT-TT

5 (+5 / -0)
testralia828 pts Friday, March 25, 2022 0
Friday, March 25, 2022
Those are some of their best episodes, really good recommendations!

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