Posted by Susan-Han Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Netizens are shocked to see INFINITE's Sungjong weighing 50.7 kg (112 lb) at 180 cm


Netizens were shocked by INFINITE member/actor Sungjong's latest Instagram story update. 

On February 23, Sungjong shared a photo of him standing on a weight scale. The scale showed that the idol currently weighed 50.7 kg or ~ 112 lb. Even Sungjong seemed shocked by the number on the scale, as he wrote, "Is that weight real?"

According to his newly adjusted profile (after leaving Woollim Entertainment), Sungjong is approximately 180 cm, or ~ 5ft 11in, tall.

While numerous netizens expressed their pure shock at the male idol's weight, some also couldn't help but voice their concerns. 

Netizens commented, 

"He's 16 cm taller than me but he weighs less..."
"Is he sure the scale isn't broken???"
"Isn't that a little too thin?"
"That is too thin. Please eat more TT."
"50 kg at 180 cm... That's gotta be a health concern."
"Being underweight is also a big health issue TT."
"Sungjong, please eat all your meals and stay healthy."
"50 kg at 180 cm? I think he should go to the hospital."
"He should really get a health checkup..."
"I can't believe he's lighter than me TT."
"That number is really concerning;; But if he is sharing it on SNS, he probably doesn't have any noticeable health problems."
"I think he should try to gain a little weight, just for his health."

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undercovermulti1,092 pts Wednesday, February 23, 2022 5
Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Just remember kids; being underweight can cause more damage than being overweight. A lot of the time people never recover from illnesses caused by being underweight while if you’re overweight you can lose the weight and recover. Being heathy is optimal. Being underweight isn’t a flex. It’s unhealthy and it’s toxic/triggering. I don’t use that word at all but in this case there’s nothing else to describe it….

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Eunbean2,292 pts Wednesday, February 23, 2022 0
Wednesday, February 23, 2022

What the actual FUCK! ?? Not even girls should weight that low. at his weight he should weight somewhere on my weight: 74-78, 80 if you don't like that much to exercise... I really hope that people are not praising him for that weight. Now he's just a prone to: injuries(since he's body muscles are very undeveloped), usual coldnesses(since he, more than probably, consume proteins and vitamins very rarely, if any, to "aquire" that weight), and I guess his calcium is really low, which means his bones won't take a strong hit without a rupture. Yeah, I give football/soccer examples, but that's my activity.

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