Posted by Yaki-Jones Monday, February 7, 2022

Hong Suk Chun lashes out at malicious commenters after getting hate comments for grieving late volleyball player Kim In Hyuk


Hong Suk Chun lashed out at malicious commenters on Instagram after getting hate comments for grieving late professional volleyball player Kim In Hyuk.

On February 7th, Hong Suk Chun updated his Instagram with a post directed towards malicious commenters. He wrote, "Let me say a word to hate commenters. Are those who leave hate comments all illiterate? What part is an outing and slandering the dead? The term 'different' doesn't mean he is gay. I talked about his hardship due to his unconventional method of expressing himself as a male volleyball player. He had to endure all those stress and hate comments because of it and now they are attacking me." 

Previously on February 6th, Hong Suk Chun made a post grieving late volleyball player Kim In Hyuk. Along with a scene from the film 'Green Book,' he wrote, "The movie that moves your hearts for showing how a black artist fought for his rights against discrimination. People say we are now a developed country but how far did we come in terms of our recognitions regarding human rights and discrimination? It's hard to voice your opinion these days. I couldn't keep another brother because of my cowardliness. Every day on this land in 2022, people attack another person to death just because someone is different. Where should I stand? I feel so powerless."  

However, some netizens claimed Hong Suk Chun outed the deceased, leaving such comments under the grieving post and related articles. In response, Hong Suk Chun lashed out at them in a post on the 7th saying "I have been enduring numerous hate comments since I came out for the past 22 years but now I'm not going to hold back. You malicious commenters are murderers. I can't stand it anymore. Stop hurting the deceased and his grieving family. I'm warning you." 

He continued, "Stay quiet if you don't know how hard In Hyuk suffered or what he had to go through. I'm going to remember how many people have died under your fingertips. Just because there isn't a system to penalize you, doesn't mean that you can point fingers at people freely. The day where your knives will point back at you will come. Once again, you malicious commenters are murderers." 

Meanwhile, pro volleyball player Kim In Hyuk was found dead at his home on February 4th. 

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yooonoon1,488 pts Monday, February 7, 2022 0
Monday, February 7, 2022

He is right they are murderes and I'm glad someone is standing even more up by calling them out.

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Minnie-Mouse70 pts Monday, February 7, 2022 2
Monday, February 7, 2022

Some Knetizens are just really closed minded and utterly mean.

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