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S.E.S's Shoo apologizes for her gambling controversy in handwritten letter 4 years later


S.E.S's Shoo apologized to fans through a handwritten letter four years after her gambling controversy.

On January 19 KST, Shoo took to her personal Instagram to reveal a handwritten letter of apology. Here, she wrote, "I am greeting you all after a long time. The reason why I am greeting you like this, after a long time has passed since I first caused the controversy, is because if I just kept hiding due to my fear, then I wouldn't be able to deliver [my message] to my fans and to the public. I wanted to stand in front of you again, after cleaning up all the problems as soon as possible. But with my name and my family's name continuing to be mentioned, and information very far from the truth being reported in the news, I was so scared. In the later half of 2018, I fell for an acquaintance's temptation and the scale of my gambling, which I had tried for the first time, rapidly increased and I became completely engrossed in gambling. As a result, I lost all my property, including my assets, that I had spent decades of my celebrity life saving up for and am now buried in a load of debt, reaching a level of disgrace."

Shoo then revealed that for the last four years, she had been trying her best to solve the problems that resulted from her gambling. She wrote, "In particular, my debt has caused great damage, such as the seizure of my building tenants' lease deposits. So, I have been paying off my debt in order to prevent them from suffering further damage. I even tried working at a side dish store, I tried selling clothes at the Dongdaemun market, and worked at an acquaintance's restaurant in order to do my best to repay my debt."

Shoo continued, "I want to say that I'm so sorry to the rest of the S.E.S members. Even though they suffered a lot because of me, they always worried about me first and helped me, and kept things straight so that I wouldn't make extreme choices. I would like to use this opportunity to relay my sincere gratitude toward Bada unni and Eugene. It's late, but I'll do my best to not disappoint you again. Also, I will do my best to make up for the wound that I caused so many people. From now on, I will return to the humble mindset I had when I first debuted as a part of S.E.S, 24 years ago, and I will show you the life of Yoo Soo Young (Shoo's real name) who lives a life full of effort."

Back in 2018, Shoo was revealed as the unnamed 90's girl group member 'A', who was sued for not paying back borrowed gambling money.

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Winston9,561 pts Wednesday, January 19, 2022 0
Wednesday, January 19, 2022

While for SOUTH KOREANS, gambling is not allowed, even when you are overseas, like for Koreans even entering a casino in Las Vegas is technically breaking the law in their country, (Despite it being LEGAL in USA itself)...
since Shoo is a Japense-Korean, i guess the Korean law applies to her as well.. unless she is a Japanese citizen.

Yoo Soo-young, also known as Shoo of disbanded girl group S.E.S., must repay 346 million won ($280,000) plus interest to her creditor surnamed Park, Seoul Central District Court ruled on Wednesday.
Yoo was sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for two years, for gambling 26 times from August 2016 to May 2018 overseas. She was also indicted for fraud but found not guilty.

Despite the court's order to pay back interest and principal on the bank loan as well as litigation costs and lease payments, she has yet to make any payments nor apologize to tenants. Even though she owns three real estate properties under her mother's name, she keeps saying she has no money.
i guess she probably has cleared her debts after 4 years, so she is releasing the letter again.

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lolhaha87 pts Wednesday, January 19, 2022 0
Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Unlike these young idols who apologize immediately with a PR's written letter, these OGs have more to lose because they already have a family and several business partners. Makes sense to apologize now when no 1 cares to bring her family and close friends further into her mess anymore. Good for her and smart timing.

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