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S.E.S's Shoo admits she is 90's girl group member 'A', being sued for borrowing $500,000 in gambling money

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S.E.S's Shoo has come forward to officially admit that she is 'A', a top girl group member who debuted in the 1990's, and who is facing a lawsuit for borrowing an amount of 600 million KRW (~ $532,000 USD) for gambling.

Previously, one exclusive report stated that 'A' (37) is currently facing a lawsuit after borrowing 350 million KRW from one acquaintance, then 250 million KRW from another acquaintance, totaling an amount of 600 million KRW spent on gambling and related usage.

Initially, various speculations online pointed fingers toward both S.E.S's Shoo, and S.E.S's Eugene, based on the age of 'A'. Both girl group members denied the accusations first, but after some time, Shoo came forward and revealed, "I saw that my beloved Eugene's name was climbing up the realtime search engine charts, and I decided to confess my name. Disregarding any reasons or excuses, I deeply apologize for causing public unrest."

She further continued, "I happened upon a casino at a hotel where I visited with an acquaintance for some rest. At first, I went out of curiosity. In a situation where I didn't even know the rules of gambling, I ended up losing a large sum of money and going in debt, and I was not able to pay back the high interest costs; these situations kept repeating themselves in a vicious circle. It's true that I am in debt over a cost of 600 million KRW, but it is not entirely due to gambling. The amount also includes costs which I borrowed for personal, unnameable reasons."

Lastly, Shoo admitted, "I have opened my eyes to just how scary a thing gambling can be. I vow to pay back my debt in full, and to not become subject to public criticism ever again."

The police investigation regarding acquaintances 'Park's and 'Oh's lawsuit against Shoo is currently ongoing. Meanwhile, S.E.S's Eugene is in the final months of her second pregnancy, and is focussed on her prenatal care.
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