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J.Y. Park & Sunmi look back on Sunye's decision to leave Wonder Girls & get married


On the January 20 broadcast of tvN's 'Mom Is An Idol', former Wonder Girls member Sunye reunited with her producer J.Y. Park as well as her former groupmate Sunmi

On this day, Sunye prepared special performances with both her former "family" members J.Y. Park and Sunmi, while also taking time to look back on the years that have passed. First, while practicing for her duet performance with Sunmi, Sunye opened up about how apologetic she felt toward the Wonder Girls members for delaying the group's comeback and promotions due to her personal issues.

Hearing this, Sunmi refuted, "In the first place, the debut team that eventually became Wonder Girls was created because you were its first member. I remember when we were trainees, you cooked so many meals for us. You were like our mom even back then." Sunye couldn't help but shed tears as the two ladies looked back on their trainee years. 

Sunye then told Sunmi, "You went through some difficult times, but then you returned as a solo artist and showed so much growth. I'm thankful for that."

Later on, Sunye also revealed why she wanted to perform a duet stage with her former producer, J.Y. Park. She said, "He was always there during the most important moments of my life. He said that if I needed him to be there, he would sing a duet song with me, and so we were able to perform together today."

She added on, "When I wanted to quit being in Wonder Girls and get married, he congratulated me wholeheartedly, no strings attached. He even sang the congratulatory song at my wedding with such passion. I am always thankful."

After listening to Sunye's sincere words, J.Y. Park responded, "In truth, I was worried when Sunye told me that she would be getting married at such a young age. She was going from the leader of the nation's #1 girl group to an ordinary housewife. I was happy for her, but there was also concern. But I know that Sunye is an extremely responsible person. I'm sure that there were things she wasn't able to tell me back then. But she wanted to prove that the decision she made was the right one." 

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Rhythm-Rhyme46 pts Thursday, January 20, 2022 10
Thursday, January 20, 2022

I remember when Jae (Day6) said that he thought JYP was a good guy and he got a lot of flack for it because people were hating on JYP(Ent) and blaming Jae for saying that JYP was a good person.

Here is another idol from the company complimenting JYP for being at least a decent guy. Good for her, there were a lot of struggles but she has a family and seems happy, and now she's back doing something that still makes her happy.

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Winston7,218 pts Friday, January 21, 2022 7
Friday, January 21, 2022

i think at first Fans thought SunYe was going to go get married, have a child then come back to WG after a year or so, but they waited and waited and waited and even when WG had its 10th anniversary, she never returned so i think the fans are disappointed, and thought she chose marriage over their love. and then when she suddenly said she wanted to return as a solo singer a few years ago, there are some articles criticising her that now that WG is no more and she had her kids, she is trying to miss the stage and return and there was some "uphappiness" and as a result i think she didnt make a solo debut eventually.

its really sad but i hope the fans will support her, if she continue on and make a solo debut after this show.. she is a really good singer and i hope she will make release a solo album like once every 2 years maybe.

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