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EXO's Kai sits down with Esquire magazine and shares his meaning of the 'Pursuit of Happiness'


On January 21, Esquire magazine released the interview with EXO's Kai

Earlier last week, the magazine released the covers of the February edition in which Kai adorned various covers with his fashionable visuals. 

On this day, Kai revealed his definition of the 'Pursuit of Happiness' and explained what makes him happy. In addition, he shared various other information about himself.

Kai revealed through the interview that he likes being around people, but he also likes being alone. He explained, "I like being alone. When I'm alone, it's really an ordinary day for me. I watch TV, play with legos, listen to music, sometimes play games or cook. I watch Netflix or YouTube before going to bed. I think I do similar things with other people, what people do when they're usually alone."

On this day, the singer revealed that his favorite show is 'Hell's Kitchen' and the interviewer asked, "I heard you like 'Hell's Kitchen.' I'm also a fan. Don't you want to go to the real 'Hell's Kitchen' in Las Vegas?" to which Kai responded, "I do like 'Hell's Kitchen' but I don't want to go there. The reason I like the show is I like the spirit and fierce vibe in the kitchen. I'm not really interested in the cooking aspect but rather the character, personality, and background story of the contestants."

Kai also explained that if he likes something, he becomes hyper-fixated with it. He explained, "When I like something, I keep at it until I die. For example, soccer. I've been liking soccer for ten years. I also watch a movie I like several times and also I watch them until I can memorize the lines in it even if it's an entertainment show."

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Saturday, January 22, 2022

always love kai interviews 💛

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Friday, January 21, 2022

Our mans plays with Legos...that's so adorable 😊 In our adulthood, we always find some way to relax, even if other people think it's silly! I used to collect Breyer models, but since going to college, I had to stop because they were so expensive. Since getting into kpop, I'm buying albums and I'm wondering if I have to limit myself like I did before with Breyers haha! Do you guys collect things or have interesting hobbies?

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