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Actor Kim Dong Hee issues a statement of apology to accuser 'K' and for his school bullying controversy


On January 13, actor Kim Dong Hee delivered a formal statement of apology through his agency, NPIO Entertainment

Earlier this week, media outlets revealed that Kim Dong Hee had partially admitted to his school bullying accusations during his police investigation. 

Now, Kim Dong Hee has come forward with a statement of apology, dedicated to the initial accuser 'K' as well as to his fans and the public. Read Kim Dong Hee's statement below.

"Hello. This is Kim Dong Hee.
I would like to deliver my position on the reports which were published yesterday.
During my 5th year in elementary school, I became involved in an argument with a friend in my class, and that argument escalated into a fight. Afterward, I was penalized by my teacher. When my mother found out, she scolded me ferociously, and I visited the friend at his home with my mother to apologize to him and his family. 
Later, I attended tutoring lessons with that friend and we also had dinners with our families, and spent time together, so I thought that I was forgiven by that friend and his mother. 
I didn't realize that I was mistaken, and that the issue had remained a deep scar for both of them until now.
When the accusation posts first came up last year, I wanted to meet that friend in person and apologize. But at the same time, I was afraid that if I apologized, all of the accusations made would become undeniable truths and this would cause greater misunderstandings, and so I was not able to summon up the courage. Because I hoped to clarify parts that were not true in the accusations, it has now already been a year since the issue first arose.
Due to my mistaken decision-making and carelessness at a young age, I do not think I was able to understand this friend's inner feelings. I want to take this opportunity to sincerely apology to that friend for the pain I caused, and I want to make things right.
Finally, I deeply apologize to all those who may have been hurt by my immature words and actions in my youth."
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T_Jazz10,594 pts 7 days ago 0
7 days ago

"Later, I attended tutoring lessons with that friend and we also had dinners with our families, and spent time together, so I thought that I was forgiven by that friend and his mother."

If not, why was all forgiven until now?

To me, the attempt at defamation is clear. I think this formal public apology is smart. And if the SK public opens their eyes, this one incident THAT HAPPENED IN THE 5TH GRADE should not harm the man's career.



DrAlanPanek-260 pts 7 days ago 0
7 days ago

I am wondering how much money was needed....to heal them.



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