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"Need to be more responsible," Super Junior's Heechul gives advice to all those who are adopting pets during the pandemic in South Korea


Super Junior's Heechul recently revealed the paradox of more Korean citizens adopting pets during the pandemic.

On December 23, Hey Mari, which is a pet magazine, revealed an interview video of Kim Hee Chul, who adorned the covers of the latest magazine issue. 

Kim Hee Chul participated in the pictorial for the magazine with his pet dog, Gi Bok. Kim Hee Chul revealed that he wanted to share a word of advice with the viewers and his fans.

He explained, "I did adopt a dog simply thinking, maybe I'll try to spend time with dogs, but a lot more effort and time and connection is needed to raise them."

Heechul revealed that after, he sought out advice from professionals because he wanted to raise his pet dog well. He continued to share his advice on the attitude pet owners should have before adopting dogs.

He elaborated, "These days, after the outbreak of COVID19, there are many more people who are adopting dogs." He added, "However, there are more dogs that are being abandoned."

Kim Heechul continued to say, "Since we can't travel anywhere and we can't go anywhere, many people are adopting dogs. However, it's not as easy to raise them as you think."

He continued to say, "It's not only dogs but there's a lot of responsibility needed to raise any life." Heechul also expressed his admiration towards those who adopted rescue dogs or abandoned dogs. He said, "I feel that those people [who adopted rescues] have to connect and give love to the dogs 10 times more so I want to express my admiration."

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Nanook1,716 pts 20 days ago 0
20 days ago

yup, i think the point specifically about covid is also important. if a dog didn't suit your lifestyle prior to covid (say because you travel a lot), really consider whether, if (when??) life returns to some semblance of normalcy, are you going to go back to the same lifestyle that you had before, that a dog didn't suit? if so, maybe look into fostering or volunteering instead.



Fr3nzy398 pts 20 days ago 0
20 days ago

He ain't wrong. Especially here stateside as people were going back to work, many pets ended up getting neglected/given up.



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