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Salt Entertainment says that they plan to work with Kim Seon Ho until the end, with 1 year left in their contract


Salt Entertainment denied the reports claiming their contract with Kim Seon Ho had expired back in September.

On October 22 KST, Salt Entertainment told one exclusive media outlet, "The reports claiming that our contract ended back in September is absolutely not true. It is usual [for companies and artists] to begin discussing contract renewals with 3 months left in the contract, but with one whole year left, we are not even at the stage of discussing contract renewals."  When asked what the  current state of their contract with Kim Seon Ho is, Salt Entertainment firmly replied, "We plan to deal with the ongoing issues with Kim Seon Ho until the end."

Following Kim Seon Ho's controversy, rumors circulated that Kim Seon Ho's contract with his agency had expired and the current controversy surrounding the actor was his agency's doing as a way of holding onto the actor. However, Salt Entertainment has denied this rumor and revealed that they plan to work with Kim Seon Ho until the end of their contract.

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peachyjoon435 pts Friday, October 22, 2021 6
Friday, October 22, 2021
if he was still under them, how they handled the controversy was absolutely terrible. they didn't release a statement before three days later.


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neutral-stance737 pts Friday, October 22, 2021 11
Friday, October 22, 2021

At least they didn't cut him loose like keyeast cut Jisoo loose. Obviously the agency knew immediately that the rumor was true when it was released and took some time to release a statement. Seon Ho needed time to apologize to his ex personally and seems like she accepted it and is trying to move on too.

Canon korea also recently unhid posts of Seonho which they hid after the controversy.

i still believe that Seonho wouldn't have bad mouthed his co stars behind their back like his ex mentioned. Seems like she was just in spite of him abandoning her and added unnecessary drama by saying he was bad mouthing his co-stars.

Salt and Seonho didn't even clarify it cuz they just wanted to close this scandal ASAP.

Industry insiders know how humble Seonho is and he doesn't need to prove it to the public.

usually when a bad character scandal happens, additional anon posts would flood like in ellen DeGeneres case. But in Seonho's case not even one post other than his ex mentioned his attitude problems. So I guess it's just fake. Also, glad that Canon korea is still supporting Seonho cuz they know his true character. Sure he effed up things on his personal front but he is still a professional with good work ethic and acting skills.

and thanks once again to Salt for sticking up with Seonho, at least until the contract ends.


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