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Major Korean and International media outlets are highlighting Jimin in BTS' recently held #PTD_ON_STAGE concert

Jimin is a highly-skilled and talented artist on a broad spectrum of activities. He is constantly mentioned for his vocal and dance skills, as witnessed in the recently held BTS virtual concert #PTD_ON_STAGE, where numerous media articles and reports focused on his performance. Moreover, his song-writing, composition, and production skills have recently gained recognition and acknowledgment in a big way, following the news that his first-ever self-written, composed, and produced song 'Friends' would be featured as a soundtrack in a Marvel movie, 'Eternals.' Media articles and segments on news broadcasts have been continuously reporting on these two events since their occurrence.

On October 28, one of the major news networks in South Korea, KBS, reported on BTS' nomination in three categories at this year's American Music Awards. One of the categories in which BTS is nominated is the grand prize of 'Artist of the Year.' This has become big news since it is the first time that an Asian artist has received a nomination in the category. While covering this news, KBS used footage from the virtual concert that BTS held on October 24 for part of the segment. All clips used were Jimin-centered, showing him to be a highlight in the show. Other parts of the segment also used Jimin-centered clips from the Butter MV, which is also the song that has received the nomination for 'Favorite Pop Song.'

NME, a London-based media outlet for music and pop culture, is one of the international media entities that have published a feature on the virtual concert and specifically highlighted Jimin. The article published on October 25 quoted Jimin's words during the show and praised his 'perfect showmanship,' describing it as 'one that makes you keep your eyes glued on the screen for every last second of the encore.' Jimin has always been known for his exceptional dance skills based on his talent and his diverse training background in different dance genres, whereby he incorporates elements from the different genres into his performance, making him stand out with his uniqueness.

The Korea Times, an English language Korean media outlet, also conducted a review of the online concert, terming the 'Black Swan' performance as 'one of the most attention-grabbing moments.' The article specifically points to Jimin's intro to the performance, saying 'he begun with his surreal moves that powerfully evoked a sense of modern dance.'

It is worth noting that Jimin trained in modern dance prior to joining Hybe as a trainee. As such, Jimin completely takes over the Black Swan performances as the song's sound fits with what he is trained in.

Another international media outlet, Consequence of Sound, an independently owned New York-based online magazine, also published a review of BTS' virtual concert. The article explicitly points to Jimin's performance, calling him 'the titular 'Black Swan' himself' and that he 'managed to breathe new life into an exceptional song the group has performed dozens of times before.' The implication here is that Jimin's creativity and stage presence made it feel like a new performance, even though the song has already been performed severally before. Looking at past reactions to Jimin's dance, professionals have all hailed Jimin's ability to express emotions through his dance, completely taking the audience on the ride with him and having experienced the song in a new way.

Celebrities were no exception to Jimin's charms on that stage. One of the most famous Indonesian artists, Ayu Ting Ting, a dangdut singer, presenter, and entertainer, mentioned Jimin several times on two of her social media pages. She has over 4.94 million followers on Twitter. In her posts, the main topic was Jimin during the #PTD_ON_STAGE online concert. Evidently, Jimin stood out for her in this event, and she loved his performance.

Previously, major Korean television networks YTN and SBS had also reported on the concert while placing their focus on Jimin. In their segment for the report on the concert, YTN aired a clip of Jimin's opening remarks before the beginning of the show, whereas SBS used Jimin-centered footage from the concert all through the segment.

Jimin is ranked first in Brand Reputation rankings for individual boy group members for 34 consecutive months and 36 months overall. He was also the first male idol to top the now discontinued Gallup survey for 'Korea's most preferred idol and went further to set a new record by topping this survey for two consecutive years. As seen, Jimin is Korea's sweetheart because he is an extremely talented and skilled artist as well as an exceptional character. Thus, it is no surprise that such major news networks focused their video footage from the concert on him.

TV CHOSUN and YONHAP NEWS are other television networks that also used Jimin-centered footage in their news features on the virtual concert. 

Regarding the featuring of his first-ever self-written, composed, and produced song 'Friends,' the media had covered the news extensively, constantly giving follow-ups on the news. 

SBS Morning Wide covered this piece of news again on October 28, where Jimin's involvement in the song's production and the song's message of an honest story about friendship, are highlighted. The report further mentioned the anticipation that had built up among fans who became curious to know in which scene the song would be played.

SBS Morning Wide had previously reported on this significant milestone on October 19, along with other media outlets such as Elle Korea, National Defense Daily newspaper, GQ magazine, and numerous online news publications from other media houses like Newsen, Naver, Star News, Osen, and many others. All of them specifically mention Jimin's involvement in the song's writing, composition, and production.

Another newsroom, JTBC, also had a segment on this development in their news bulletin on October 27. The network mentions BTS's songs breaking barriers in Hollywood as one of their song's that is written, composed, and produced by Jimin is featured as a soundtrack in a Marvel movie, 'Eternals', right next to other big names in the American music industry such as Floyd and Lizzo. The segment also airs a clip from BTS' Vlive when the members found out about this news from the fans in the comment section.

ABS-CBN network, a major news network from the Philippines, has also constantly reported on Jimin's achievement with many follow-ups, the latest being on October 27.

The fans have also stepped in to support him in their own way for this notable career milestone. Two of Jimin's fanbases in South Korea, ALLFORJIMIN and JAMJAM, announced on October 27 that they had prepared a special support project for Jimin. This occurred in light of the news of his song being featured in one of Hollywood's most anticipated movies of the year by one of the world's largest film production studios. 

The fanbases stated that "In celebration of the fact that 'Friends', written, composed, and produced by Jimin, was included as an OST of the new Marvel movie 'The Eternals', advertisements will be made at a total of 1500 unmanned ticket machines at CGV, Lotte Cinema, and Megabox nationwide." 

Jimin's fans never fail to support him and his work, celebrate all his career and personal achievements, and show their pride in him for the fantastic artist and individual that he is.

The extent to which this piece of news has received media coverage, especially in South Korea, is an indication of just how significant this development is, not just for Jimin but for the Korean music industry and the country at large. Notably, this is only the second time in history that a Korean song is featured in a Hollywood blockbuster movie. Jimin is making history as he also places his country on the map and is thus deserving of all the media attention. Fans are eager to see more of such deals for Jimin in the future.

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Friday, October 29, 2021

Jimin is Korea’s sweetheart and sk media favorite since day1 … because of his amazing talents skills and charm!

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Friday, October 29, 2021

Jimin is such an amazing performer, he was truly the highlight of the concert, also his achievements are getting bigger and bigger I’m so proud of him 💛

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