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Kim Seon Ho continues to be dropped from his film projects following controversy


Kim Seon Ho has departed several upcoming film projects, following his controversy.

On October 20, the production crew for the film '2 O'Clock Date' revealed that Kim Seon Ho will no longer be starring in the film. '2 O'Clock Date' is a romantic comedy film about a man and his encounter with his downstairs neighbor, a woman who holds an unimaginable secret. '2 O'clock Date' is scheduled to begin filming in March 2022, and had previously confirmed the main leads as YoonA and Kim Seon Ho. Many had been looking forward to seeing YoonA and Kim Seon Ho's on-screen chemistry following their duet stage at the '2020 MBC Music Festival'.

In addition, Kim Seon Ho has been dropped from his film 'Dog Days', starring actress Yoon Yeo Jung. 'Dog Days' is an omnibus film about various people who grow up with pets. Currently, the decision for Kim Seon Ho's film 'Sad Tropical' is still pending, and a meeting regarding Kim Seon Ho's casting issue will reportedly be held on October 20 KST. A representative from the film 'Sad Tropical' stated, "All decisions depend on director Park Hoon Jung." Actress Go Ara recently confirmed her appearance in the film 'Sad Tropical' (directed by Park Hoon Jung) and is currently preparing for filming. 'Sad Tropical' is a film that depicts the story of a boy, born from a Korean father and a Filipino mother, who dreams of becoming a professional boxer.

Meanwhile, Kim Seon Ho recently released an official statement, apologizing to his ex-girlffriend and the public. 

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Aria-D46 pts Wednesday, October 20, 2021 2
Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Even if the abortion was the victims final decision to make, you can't ignore all the other vile things he did and said to her as well as co-workers. I was a fan of Seonho and just finished Hometown Cha Cha Cha bc of him but some fans need to stop putting celebs at a petistal bc it leads to serious delusion. This scandal just isn't good for him at all.


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BlueCupcake272,055 pts Wednesday, October 20, 2021 4
Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Wow it’s truly different when a male star has a controversy, if it was a female everyone would attack her but since he is an Oppa you see all the comments defending him and feeling bad for him.
There is a lot of comments of victim blaming and how the woman wasn’t physically force to abort, you know there are men that are psychologically abusive and manipulative, right? Bringing a child to the world is really hard, just imagine how scared she was of not having his support, how scared she was of being all alone. I did have a friend who had an asshole boyfriend who convinced her of having unprotected sex, when my friend told him they could get pregnant and she wasn’t ready, he just told her, “you can always abort.” Men just think an abortion is an easy escape without realising the physical and Psychological consequences it has on the woman. All of you defending him, please educate yourselves on this consequences, she is probably feeling guilty about killing her own child, she is probably aware that at her age, she will have a lot of problems having another baby.


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