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Netizens react after former IZ*ONE member Kim Min Ju releases new profile photos, think she will officially begin her career as an actress


Netizens reacted to newly released 'actress' profile photos of former IZ*ONE member Kim Min Ju.

On a recent online community forum, one netizen created a post titled, "Wow...I guess Kim Min Ju is becoming an actress in the end..."  Below a set of her profile photos, the netizen also wrote, "She is so pretty...They said that she would go to HYBE, but I guess she decided to just be an actress in the end. I wanted to also see her on stage though TTT Hope she works hard as an actress and gets acknowledged..."

In response, some of the netizens' comments included:

"I think it's a wise decision."

"Our Minguri, wherever you go, I support you. Hwaiting."

"Actress Min Ju and idol Min Ju, I love both TT."

"Wow, it was really obvious that Min Ju was improving on stage and as a singer, so it's kind of sad...But she still matches an actress really well. She has the image that she'll work hard in whatever she does haha I hope she does well!"

"If she really goes to HYBE, she'll probably immediately quit 'Music Core'. Kind of sad."

"So she's not returning as an idol, but completely transitioning into an actress?"

"She really has features of an actress."

"She probably has to do roles like the youngest daughter in a family drama Loll."

"Crazy...so pretty."

"She matches well. [Being an] actress is better. She decided well."

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This must have been a hard decision for her, but it is probably the right decision, if her end goal is to be an A-list actress. Idol-actors often have a hard time being taken seriously, often have to pass on roles that would be a leap forward, but don't fit the idol's or group's image, or pass on roles because it conflicts with a group's planned comeback. Plus with a new group companies usually want the idols to focus on the group's activities rather than acting, so if she joined HYBE, it is quite possible that she would be away from acting for several years again. Of course, being in what will likely be a very popular group at a big company has advantages of opening some doors, but it can also close some. At least this way her focus will be 100% on acting for the most part and if she isn't auditioning she has time to practice at a drama school or studio to get better. If she went to HYBE she'd be consumed with singing and dancing practice and group activities leaving little time to work on acting or seek acting jobs.



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Honestly I like seeing her on the stage more than just acting.



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