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Netizens jokingly reminisce about the old days when it was a 'crime' to bias more than one K-Pop group


Older K-Pop fans may remember those savage days when it was more or less a "crime" to like, or "bias", more than one K-Pop group!

On one online K-Pop community, some of these older generation K-Pop fans had a fun time reminiscing about those good ol' (?) days. 

Generally during those days, commonly known by many as the golden age of "Dong-Shu-501" (when fans of TVXQ, Super Junior, and SS501 competed furiously with one another), the rules were:

"A fan of just a single member? A fan of more than one group? Hell no, not possible. They attacked you, saying you were a 'crane' (migrating every season).  Fangirling back in those days was a principle... Thou shall only love one group for eternity, thou shall love all members equally, thou shall not show favoritism..."

"They called you a crane if you switched groups a lot kekekeke.
If you liked more than one group, they called you a cheater kekekekeke.
TVXQ fans were only allowed to like TVXQ, SuJu fans were only allowed to like SuJu, SS501 fans were only allowed to like SS501 kekekeke.
I think things started getting more lenient around B2ST and INFINITE's eras because there were too many good groups kekekekeke.
+) I mean the principle was still around during B2ST and INFINITE eras, but things started loosening up around then and became more liberal nowadays kekekeke.
Right, it was like 'main job' and 'side job' kekekeke." 

There was the era of "Dong-Shu-SS501"...

And then there was the era of SHINee vs. 2PM...

On top of that, the era of irresistible Big Bang...

Netizens said:

"YES! Kekekekeke. If you tried to be like, but I like both! Then you were automatically shunned from both fandoms. Thinking back on it now, it shouldn't have been a big deal at all to like both kekekekeke."
"It's been so long since I've heard 'crane' as a mocking word kekekekeke."
"OMG and it was like if you and your friends liked one group, you couldn't like the same member kekekeke. You all had to work it out and like one different member each kekekeke."
"Seriously, you had to be a fan of the entire group, not show any favoritism kekekeke. There were so many unspoken rules, like you had to 'act' a certain way as a part of the fandom. If you liked 'A', you had to be the pure and innocent type but if you liked 'B', you had to be cool and hip kekekeke."
"Yeah these days, everyone likes more than one group! Kekekeke."
"I'm gonna be honest, I still kinda have this mindset like an old grandma kekekeke. In my heart I'm like, 'I only love one group!' and 'I love everyone equally!' Kekekekeke."
"I remember back then I thought, 'I'm never gonna love any other idols except my oppas! But a few years later... Kekekekeke."
"Forreal, it was seriously hard if you secretly like both groups."
"I used to always say my 'main job' and my 'side job' kekekekeke."
"Right now I bias two groups and I listen to a lot more on the side kekekeke. Why was it such a crime back in those days kekekeke."

And more! Did any of you follow some of these "unspoken" K-Pop fandom rules back during the reign of 2nd-gen?

  1. SS501
  2. Super Junior
  3. TVXQ
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Dantes256 pts 24 days ago 1
24 days ago

people tend to forget why we enjoy Kpop at first. we just love the music. why must we become ignorant to just love 1 group, not the music ? good music is everywhere. Kpop group is not a religion.


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delta_yu1,011 pts 24 days ago 9
24 days ago

Even though things are different now, I dont know if things have gotten better lol

Fans are still crazy


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