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NCT's Haechan & ITZY's Ryujin once again embroiled in dating rumors on an online community


NCT's Haechan and ITZY's Ryujin have become embroiled in dating rumors once again on an online community. 

Earlier in May of this year, dating rumors between Haechan and Ryujin sparked after an incident during a 'V Live' broadcast, where Haechan momentarily revealed the 'V Live' channels he was following with his iPad. In addition to the 'V Live' incident, many netizens argued that the two stars were dating based on other "evidence" gathered via the idols' SNS posts, personal items, etc.

Then, this past weekend, an episode of NCT 127's ongoing web reality 'Stick Together' caught the attention of onlookers. 

The video showed Haechan cooking up instant noodles for him and fellow member Taeil, adding in eggs as a topping. First, Haechan mixed the eggs in a bowl, then said, "You mix the eggs... just this much. And then, what happens is, an egg flower blooms. An egg flower has bloomed~"

What specifically stood out to netizens was the fact that ITZY's Ryujin had sent similar comments via Bubble recently. Ryujin said,

"Two eggs for ramyun noodles..."
"One is too little....."
"After you mix the egg water, you pour it right on top of the boiling noodles."
"Then an egg flower blooms like hwararak."

Many netizens said that Ryujin's messages "exactly described" Haechan's actions shown during the video, and reacted with comments like:

"This is the first time that I've ever heard someone call the egg that you top your ramyun with 'an egg flower'."
"That is so not a commonly used term when you're cooking ramyun. No one calls eggs in ramyun 'an egg flower."
"Just by the fact that it was Haechan and Ryujin who used that word, it's hard to rule it as a coincidence."
"If they're really dating, then that could really mean they just started talking like each other unconsciously. They're using words that sound natural and familiar to them, but when other people hear them it's odd..."
"But really, what she said in the messages exactly described what he did in the video."
"Considering how they've had rumors like this a few times already, I don't think fans can just treat it like 'baseless rumors'." 
"So does that mean they ate ramyun together once and while they were making it they were going, 'An egg flower bloomed'?"
"Egg flower?? That's kind of... believable. Are they really dating?"
"This is really the first time I've heard egg flower. Most people just call it the egg water."

And more. What do you think of the rumors?

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audeliaiman-32 pts 19 days ago 6
19 days ago

are these netizens that bored and jobless? go do something more productive oh lord


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kxk13,776 pts 19 days ago 5
19 days ago

ridiculous… reminds me of dating rumours between treasure park jihoon and soojin from weeekly because they recommended the same song to listen to….do these people even know how stupid they sound


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