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K-Pop Idols’ who will be celebrating their birthdays over the next 7 days: TXT, Stray Kids, BTS, and more


While being excited for your favorite idols’ birthday, here check some K-pop idol’s birthdays that would take place in the next 7 days (September 8 to September 14, 2021):

CIX’s Hyunsuk

About two whole years after debuting in CIX under C9 Entertainment on July 23, 2019, at 17, maknae and lead rapper Yoon Hyunsuk would turn 20 on September 8.

Oh My Girl’s Binnie

Bae Yubin, also known by her stage name Binnie, would turn 24 the next day, on September 9. Starting her performance career as a child model, she debuted with Oh My Girl under WM Entertainment in 2015 as a sub-vocalist and part of the maknae line with Jiho and Arin.

MIRAE’s Dongpyo

Ranked 6th in the final episode of Produce X 101, DSP Media’s Son Dongpyo debuted in X1 at 16. After the disbandment, he returned to the company, and about one year later, DSP debuted their newest boy group MIRAE with Dongpyo being part of the lineup. He would turn 19 on September 9.


Leader and main rapper of BTS, Kim Namjoon, would turn 27 on September 12. First debuting at 18 with BTS under Big Hit Entertainment (now HYBE Labels) with stage name Rap Monster, in 2017, he announced a change of his stage name to RM, which stands for “Real Me.”

AKMU’s Chanhyuk

Elder brother of Lee Suhyun, Lee Chanhyuk, would turn 25 on September 12. Being domestically known for releasing easy-listening songs and nicknamed “The Nation’s Siblings,” the duo debuted under YG Entertainment on April 7, 2014, with the album PLAY.

The Boyz’s Hyunjae

Lee Jaehyun, also known as Hyunjae, would turn 24 on September 13. Being part of the so-called “Bermuda line” with Juyeon and Younghoon, he debuted at 20 with The Boyz under Cre.Ker Entertainment in the near-end of 2017.

TXT’s Yeonjun

The oldest member of the HYBE Labels’ (formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment) boy group TXT, Choi Yeonjun, would turn 22 on September 13. He debuted as a member of the quintet on March 4, 2019, at 19. TXT is known for having no set positions within the group. It changes each comeback or song.

Block B’s Zico

Rapper Woo Jiho, also know by his stage name Zico, would turn 29 on September 14. Famously known thanks to his 2020 hit “Any Song” and the song “Okey Dokey,” he performed with WINNER’s Mino at Show Me The Money 4 (which has gone viral recently thanks to the drama True Beauty), he debuted with Block B in 2011 at 19.

BOL4’s Jiyoung

Ahn Jiyoung would turn 26 on September 14 as well. After participating in Superstar K6 two years earlier, she and Woo Jiyoon debuted as the duo BOL4 in 2016. They were both 20 at that time. Unfortunately, Jiyoon left the group in 2020, and Jiyoung continues using the name BOL4 to promote as a soloist.

WJSN’s Soobin

Park Soobin, the main vocalist of WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls), would turn 26, also on September 14. After being a trainee for 7 years, she finally debuted in 2016 at 19. In 2020, she was part of a sub-unit called WJSN CHOCOME. Their song “Hmph!” attracted many fans for the bubbly cute concept, which was very common in the earlier years of K-pop.

Stray Kids’ HAN

Han Jisung would turn 21 on September 14 too. He was part of the hip hop group 3RACHA when he was 16. The trio then became the boy group Stray Kids under JYP Entertainment. Since the very beginning, Stray Kids has always been a self-producing group, and most of their songs are produced by the 3RACHA members (HAN, Changbin, and Bang Chan).

Which idol's birthday are you most excited about?

  1. Akdong Musician (AKMU)
  2. Zico
  3. Bolbbalgan4
  4. BTS
  5. CIX
  6. Cosmic Girls
  7. MIRAE
  8. Oh My Girl
  9. Stray Kids
  10. The Boyz
  11. TXT
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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Namjoonie!! We already started change our pfp in twitter join us Army, let's celebrate the best leader's bd!!


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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Ya, NamJoon a!!! Happy birthday!!!



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