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K-Pop Groups with the STRANGEST Acronyms


It can become challenging to create a K-pop group name for a debut, especially as a lot of money depends on it as well. Koreans have a tendency to shorten everything and create acronyms. Acronyms have become part of the slang culture in Korea, and it is extreme how people shorten their sentences with acronyms. The same applies to K-pop as well -- maybe even a little more extreme in this case. We span all generations of K-pop for acronym names. Check out some old and new k-pop groups with quite strange acronyms for their names!

H.O.T - High Five of Teenagers

High Five of Teenagers? What does that even mean? Are they supposed to high-five each other? SM explained that it means "the success and the win of teenagers," but does the name actually mean that? No idea, but it was assumed that it meant the takeover of the teenagers. They did live up to its name -- teens and adults alike loved H.O.T back in the 1990s, and these five men can be considered the pioneers of idol culture in K-pop. High five to them!

Fin.KL - Fine Killing Liberty

What liberty is fine and killing? Supposedly it means, the oppression of all freedom. To Fin.K.L's defense, though, the group's name was chosen by a poll before their debut. 

UP10TION - Unbelievable Perfect 10 Members Teenager Idol Open Now

That made absolutely no sense. What is open now? The name is so long and confusing. Fortunately, UP10TION's music is bopping. Who cares if the name is a little funky? As long as they deliver, then K-pop fans are happy! 

TEEN TOP - Teenager Emoboy Emotion Next Generation Talent Object Praise

Emoboy Emotion? Ok, this acronym is even more confusing than UP10TION. TEEN TOP's name genuinely sounds like a person just meshed English words together. As a fluent English speaker, I tried to make sense of it, but I can't do it.

MBLAQ - Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality

Did the company make sure these boys lived in the most absolute quality possible? (Whatever that is..) If anything, MBLAQ's music was all absolute quality as they released some great hits. 

NU'EST - New, Established Style Tempo

Another fancy way of saying "newest," NU'EST had a different meaning than the pronunciation. Admittedly this isn't as bad as the others, and though it technically makes sense, I have yet to discover what a new, established style tempo is. I'm assuming we just have to conclude that NU'EST songs are all new, established style tempos. 

B.A.P - Best Absolute Perfect

Okay, three jam-packed adjectives to describe a group. They are the best, they are absolute, and they are perfect. This was strange when I first saw the acronym, but it eventually grew on me. These boys were best, absolute, and perfect when it came to performances and music as they did their very best. It's a real shame what happened to them; they had such potential.

TRAX - Typhoon of the Rose Attack on Xmas

Hm. If anyone can figure out what that exactly means, let us know in the comments below. You can also comment on any other weird acronyms you've seen in the K-pop industry. We know there's plenty! 

  1. B.A.P
  2. Fin.K.L
  3. H.O.T
  4. MBLAQ
  5. NU'EST
  7. TRAX
  8. UP10TION
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Eunbean2,104 pts 12 days ago 0
12 days ago

let's be honest here... Lee soo-man just wanted something that would give him the acronyms H.O.T...that's just the best he could find



Secretninja3125,795 pts 12 days ago 3
12 days ago

Honestly, a lot of the Acronym names are questionable. Other ones I thought were interesting:


GWSN: Gong-won So-nyeo aka Park Girls (or Girls in Park?)

NCT: Neo Culture Technology

PRITZ: Pretty Rangers In Terrible Zone


ELRIS: Excellent Lovely Rainbow Innocent Sisters

H.U.B: Hope U Bounce

JJCC: Jackie Chan Joint Cultures

TRCNG: Teen Rising Champion in a New Generation

ZPZG: Zest Play Zest Grow


btw this is not a reflection on the group, their music, or the members; I'm just judging by the group name only and not being biased based on whether I like the group or not.


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