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JTBC's 'Petkage' suffers in viewership ratings after Super Junior member Heechul's 'pet adoption' comment controversy


According to Nielsen Korea on September 3, the second episode of JTBC's new reality program 'Petkage' recorded an average viewership rating of 0.5%. 

This marked a decrease of 0.4% from last week, when the first episode recorded an average rating of 0.9%. On the other hand, the popular TV Chosun music program 'Romantic Call Center', which airs around the same time frame on Thursdays, recorded a viewership rating of 10% on September 2. 

Some media outlets alleged that despite the unique and healing format of JTBC's 'Petkage', which introduces viewers to travel destinations around Korea that are pet-friendly, the reality program suffered significantly in viewership ratings due to Super Junior member Heechul's recent comments on the show. 

Previously, Heechul said on 'Petkage', "Frankly speaking, pet experts won't ever recommend adopting a rescue to a first-time dog owner. Rescues take a long time to heal and adapt because it was hurt before. Then the owner who isn't used to dogs also gets hurt, and the dog gets hurt once again." Heechul's comments were then interpreted by some viewers as "portraying pet adoption in a negative light", earning criticism

When Heechul's comments began stirring up controversy via various online communities, both the star and JTBC issued statements to clarify their intentions

However, it seems that many of the viewers who did not interpret Heechul's comments in a positive manner have decided they would not be watching more episodes of 'Petkage'. Meanwhile, on this week's episode of the travel reality program, singer/actress Yoon Eun Hye joined the cast members with her pet. 

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Sue_E1,378 pts 21 days ago 2
21 days ago

This is ridiculous. What he said is right. A lot of people don't even know what the dog was originally bred to do. Like a lot of people think that a Dalmatian was only for coaching or the fire engine. Well it is a guard dog, used to protect the people and their belongings one the coach or the equipment on the fire engine. The Poodles are actually sporting dogs. They are retrievers. When you get a dog from a shelter you don't really know what you are getting. You can get a mixed breed dog with all the good qualities of all the breeds in it, or you could get one with all the bad qualities in it. You take a chance. I am not saying you should never get a pet from a shelter, but you need to be prepared for what you might get. I think a lot of new owners may not always be prepared. I have had several cats and dogs in my life. Anywhere from good breeders to shelter animals. They all had their own problems and quirks. Just be prepared, you may not get what you want.


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dhananim31 pts 21 days ago 1
21 days ago

It's true that dogs have feelings and they are smart,they can get hurt easily if we don't know how to take care of them,I totally agree with with what he said,why are people twisting his words...


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