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Fans speculate that ENHYPEN members couldn't taste the wasabi songpyeon they ate on 'V Live' as punishment for the losing team due to COVID-19 side effects


Back on September 21, ENHYPEN greeted fans with a special 'V Live' broadcast, celebrating the Chuseok holidays.

During the broadcast, the members divided up into two teams and played various games, just like families would at home in Korea for Chuseok. Then, it was decided that the losing team would be punished with a spicy treat - wasabi songpyeon! (Songypeon are traditional half-moon shaped Korean rice cakes.)

The losing team members - Jungwon, Ni-Ki, and Sunoo - had to choose from six different pieces of songpyeon given to them. According to MC Sunghoon, two of the six pieces were filled with wasabi, instead of the traditional sweet filling. 

However, even after the three members took turns eating all six pieces of songpyeon, no one could tell who ate the ones filled with wasabi. 

After the broadcast ended, many fans were confounded by the mystery of the wasabi songpyeon. Then, some fans raised the following speculation:

"Our ENHYPEN... they ate wasabi songpyeon as punishment, but even though they ate all six, no one figured out who ate the wasabi one... They couldn't figure out which ones had the wasabi in it. Crazy dumb COVID-19, give our boys back their taste buds..."

As many of you know, ENHYPEN members Jake, Jay, Heeseung, Sunghoon, Jungwon, and Ni-Ki very recently recovered from COVID-19, and were released from quarantine after being declared virus-free. 

According to fans, the ENHYPEN members did mention that not all of them had recovered their senses of smell and taste completely quite yet. While taking turns eating the different pieces of songpyeon, member Jungwon remarked that the rice cakes were "hard" but "sweet", while Ni-Ki commented, "I can't really taste it." When the mystery of the wasabi pieces went unsolved, Jungwon also assured the others, "Maybe they only put a little bit of wasabi, so we couldn't really taste it."

Fans felt:

"When I was watching the live, I was just like, 'Did they forget to put the wasabi?'. But I think some of you might be right, they can't taste the wasabi yet because of COVID. I mean, they must have at least put enough for it to taste like wasabi to normal people, I mean they were punishment songpyeon after all."
"I feel like they just said that they only put a little bit of wasabi so no one could taste it just so that it wouldn't worry fans."
"Our boys couldn't even eat wasabi in the past at all because it's too spicy."
"Yeah they said that they can taste spicy food the most, so they have been eating spicy food a lot."
"I'm still really curious who ate the wasabi songpyeon."
"Another idol who recovered from COVID said that they were having a really hard time from constant coughing as a side effect."
"Our babies, please don't get sick again TT."
"I hope they can recover from all of the side effects soon too."

What do you think of fans' speculations?

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  3. Sunghoon
  4. Sunoo
  5. Ni-Ki
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saniaaa201 pts 28 days ago 0
28 days ago

jungwon said "who got the wasabi songpyeon, mine’s sweet"

sunghoon replied with "the truth was none of them had wasabi in them, we thought losing is already sad enough and eating wasabi songpyeon would be too harsh" ...



Jarambo270 pts 28 days ago 2
28 days ago

That's not a "fan" but an anti.. they never had wasabi... Also why tf would you make an article about this allkpop and Susan Han. Stick to Treasure and collect those bt2- I mean treasure plushies like it says in your bio.


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